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Practically each person periodically has headaches. Usually they have quickly passing character and are easily stopped by reception of "simple" anesthetics. However annually 40% of people have the most severe headaches which are the reason of temporary disability. At the same time only at 5% of patients at the heart of the mechanism of development of a headache neurologic violations lie. At 10% headaches are caused by a migraine attack. In all other cases of pain can be caused by the most various reasons. At the same time quite often headaches only symptom of various diseases. It is known that the most widespread indisposition can be caused by more than 300 reasons. And all because the headache is not separate pathology, but some kind of signal of an organism of any disease (for example, brain tumors, violations in functions of a backbone) or inconvenience (incorrectly chosen glasses, reading a small print, long intellectual tension).

All existing variety of headaches is conditionally shared into four types:
1. Pains of muscular tension;
2. Neuralgia;
3. Pains of increase of intra cranial pressure;
4. Vascular pains.

Very often diseases of a spine column are the reasons of developing of headaches (osteochondrosis, scoliosis, etc.). At these diseases the organism seeks to support the correct position of a backbone at the expense of the increased tension of muscles of a back and a neck. Neck muscles in turn fasten to an occipital bone, and their long hyper tone leads to development of headaches of muscular tension. In the cervical muscles testing a hyper tone there is an increased formation of lactic acid that already in itself is provoked by pain. In addition tight muscles of a neck pull a scalp stronger. At the same time many patients complain of the squeezing headaches, it seems to them that the close hoop or a small hat is put on their head. Pains amplify at the movements of the head, touches to it. Painful feelings usually have stupid character, and the disease can proceed for years, without noticeable progressing.
Headaches can arise also because of the backbone of biomechanical irritation of a sympathetic vertebral nerve which is available at pathology. At the same time sharp unilateral headaches which can be followed by vomiting or nausea develop. This option of succession of events belongs to neurologic headaches.
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Headaches, treatment.
Headaches, treatment.
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