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Grid manye 32*32 - 0,6 ots

Grid manye 32*32 - 0,6 ots

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  • CoatingZinc

Grid manye 32*32 - 0,6 ots

The metal grid of "Manye" is formed by a texture a provolok, 120 degrees crossing at an angle. "Manye" - a grid wire twisted with hexagonal cells.

Weaving of "Manye" creates a cell form, similar bee a saute that allows to distribute horizontal tension from one point on a surface of all grid, reducing, thus, cracking of the reinforced material.

Use of a low-carbonaceous wire and specific method of twisting does a hexagonal grid plastic, gives to a grid cloth excellent mechanical and strength characteristics.

The grid of "Manye" in much smaller degree is subject to influence of the induced currents, than welded grids, due to lack of welded connections that increases its resistance to the destroying electrocorrosion action.

Application of a grid of twisted Manye:

When reinforcing thermal insulation, production of heat-insulating mats, as fittings for industrial glasses. The twisted six-sided grid has specific properties for use it in plaster works. First, the hexagonal cell allows to apply less metal to plaster. Secondly the plaster layer and the metal reinforcing plaster have various thermal coefficient of linear expansion. The hexagonal form of a cell interferes with emergence of internal tension. Due to the flexibility, the grid is convenient when fastening on curvilinear and angular surfaces. Due to specific production of a twisted grid, there are no damages of a zinc covering, and this lack of corrosion in a damp plaster layer. Also six-sided grid is applied to alignment of floors (reinforcing of a coupler), under a facing tile, to front works (from a galvanized wire).

Grid twisted Manye will be applied at landscape construction, protection against rockfalls, when strengthening slopes and coast of the rivers (production of Gabions). In agriculture the six-sided grid is applied in production of protections to birds and animals.

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Grid manye 32*32 - 0,6 ots
Grid manye 32*32 - 0,6 ots
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