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Granite Fountains Stone House

Granite Fountains Stone House

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Ukraine, Dnipro
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Technical characteristics
  • BrandStone House
  • Country of manufactureUkraine
  • MaterialNatural stone
  • Type of jetWith single nozzle
  • Special featureSound effects

Granite Fountains Stone House

Granite fountains. Fountains from ancient times were considered a symbol of prosperity and financial stability.

Water - the source of life. Over the centuries, the great of this world surrounded by a large number of fountains and ponds, which proves that the fountains are not only decorative addition of their homes but also calm, give strength and even cure.

"Our experts Stonehouse" will offer you a huge range of fountains of handmade marble adapted to the Russian climate. You will be able to quickly buy and install a fountain in his garden. A full range of transportation and setting of fountains.

From elegant interior to the palace and pompous in any color.

Manufacturing under the order of any sketch or photograph in the shortest time. Our exhibit space the size of two football fields, will not leave you indifferent.

If you want to decorate your garden - try to place the fountain area.

The fountain has a beneficial effect not only on the environment but also human. Firstly, the fountain increases humidity, which favorably affects your well - being and state of health of adjacent plants. Secondly, thanks to the fountain there is aeration of water in the pond. The higher the water jet lying in the fountain, the better aerated pond. Third, the sound of falling water has a calming effect on the person. All these advantages are endless.

Fountain - a device in which water gets from the source (lat. Fons), enters the bowl of a type and used again.

The word "fountain" comes from the Latin fontis ( "source") - artificial water works, in which a thin jet or a powerful water flow are usually directed upwardly against gravity. visible water flow motion can be either upward (upward) and descending (top to bottom).

From a technical standpoint fountains are closed system cycle: here the water travels in a circle. Most of it is stored in the main storage tank (bowl, pond). The movement of the water pump reports, which delivers it to the desired location and the desired height. Then the stream flows down (falls, breaks) and then enters the holding tank.

The fountain is a complex gidrotehinicheskim construction, requires a professional approach not only to the construction, but also to the technological part, so choosing the right equipment is key to a successful project osuschestveleniya.

The most important part of the fountain - a pump - it depends on him successful embodiment conceived by "drawing". Submersible pumps are available as installed in the water, and surface being disposed on land. To be placed inside the sculptures using a small pump (4,9h 5,3h 5.5 cm). For fountains with a large volume of water is used more powerful pumps (12 to 300 - 3000 W), which can be quite cumbersome. Submersible pumps are located on the water bottom on stones or special supports (place the device directly on the bottom is not advisable - in this case it will be continuously sucked yl).

Fountains are widespread in XVII - XVIII centuries, when the parks and gardens of the regular style prevailed. Water jet lent dynamic sculptures. Such fountains, sculptures meet today, but the most popular are the fountains, jets, emphasizing the beauty of the free water flow.

Manufacturer Stone House
Manufacturer country Ukraine
Material Granite
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Granite Fountains Stone House
Granite Fountains Stone House
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