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Geyner high-percentage NITRO GAIN of 908 grams buy in Chişinău
Buy Geyner high-percentage NITRO GAIN of 908 grams
Geyner high-percentage NITRO GAIN of 908 grams

Geyner high-percentage NITRO GAIN of 908 grams

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Nitro Gain-is scientifically developed food additives with the high level of protein content directed to increase in muscle bulk, helping with restoration after intensive trainings. Together with your daily diet, it provides 1195 calories - enriched with complex proteins, complex carbohydrates, replaceable and irreplaceable amino acids, VSAA, triglycerides with an average chain (MCT), vitamins and necessary minerals.

Stimulator™. Nitro Gain is formulated with the Stimulator™ technology immediately to provide an energy stream during training. The matrix of Stimulator™ will reprogram your organism to absorb nutrients, such as proteins and carbohydrates, more effectively and, therefore, it will allow to build muscles even quicker. A complex of proteins with Nitro Protein Blend™.

This formula of a geyner includes proteins of ultrahigh biological value - they are absorbed and acquired better, than the proteins used in standard geyner of weight. The mix of proteins used in Nitro Gain in combination with Nitro Amino Complex™ provides exact amount of complex proteins, amino acids and VSAA necessary for optimum increase in muscle bulk and optimum restoration of muscles after training. Nitro Gain daily delivers 60 g of proteins of high biological value.

Complex carbohydrates with CarboX™. Complex carbohydrates about CarboX™ and lipids provide to your muscles long-term and short-term energy for steady restoration of muscular tissue and prevent combustion of valuable proteins in the course of synthesis of a rotein.

Vitamins and not only. A variety minerals and vitamins are included in structure to help your organism to process more effectively proteins, carbohydrates and lipids. Triglycerides with an average chain (MCT) provide to your muscles long-term energy.

With Nitro Gain it is possible to receive up to 6 kg of muscle bulk within a month.

Ingredients: French vanilla cream: vanilla fragrance, starch, sweeteners: aspartame, atsesulfam-K Swiss double chocolate: cocoa of Aram, cocoa with the low content of fat, starch, sweetener: aspartame, atsesulfam-K * Contains a phenylalanine source.

Recommendations about application:

  • Just mix 3 full spoons (148g) of Nitro Gain from 400 ml of water or skim milk.
  • Drink two portions a day between meals to support positive balance of nitrogen and high-calorific stability.
  • After training: in days of trainings to drink one portion of Nitro Gain of 30-60 minutes after training.
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Geyner high-percentage NITRO GAIN of 908 grams
Geyner high-percentage NITRO GAIN of 908 grams
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