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Geyner high-percentage MUSCLE JUICE REVOLUTION of 2120 grams buy in Chişinău
Buy Geyner high-percentage MUSCLE JUICE REVOLUTION of 2120 grams
Geyner high-percentage MUSCLE JUICE REVOLUTION of 2120 grams

Geyner high-percentage MUSCLE JUICE REVOLUTION of 2120 grams

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Unsurpassed geyner in the market of sports food. Its feature is 56 grams of a protein in exclusive protein smesiocto-PRO, combining in itself 8 key proteins.

Contains 170 grams of carbohydrates of slow assimilation, thus, it is possible to extend time of digestion of carbohydrates to minimize an abdominal distension. Hi-tech Karbo-Lyn carbohydrates pass through a stomach very quickly, 80% quicker than a dextrose or sugar, they work like the pump and take together with themselves water and nutrients.

1000 mg. a glyutamina in every portion:

  • L - alanyl - L - glyutamin it is powerful dipeptide, can protect your muscles from destruction and give fuel at training to help you to perform all volume of the conceived work;
  • Unsurpassed antikatabolik preventing destruction of muscular tissue, reducing a damage rate of muscles and morbidity in muscles. It helps an organism to emit own hormone of growth which initiates release of IGF-1. This hormone promotes weight loss, increase in dry muscle bulk and increase in density of bones;
  • Promotes neutralization of lactic acid which will burn down in your muskala because of allocation bicarbonate plasma, it will allow to train to you longer and more rigidly;
  • It increases balance of nitrogen that helps you to support positive nitrogenous balance for optimum growth a muscle.

Contains mix of the useful fatty acids received from the most useful oils. They with low the content of saturated fats, are an excellent source the Omega-3 and energy. MCT like carbohydrates are spent for energy, but unlike carbohydrates, usually is not postponed in the form of fat.

Amount of nutrients in the 1st portion = 4 measured spoons = 265 gr:

  • Calories - 1020, including calories from fats - 80;
  • In total fats - 14 gr., including saturated fats - 3 gr;
  • Cholesterol - 170 mg;
  • Sodium - 150 mg;
  • In total carbohydrates - 170 gr., including sugar - 18 gr;
  • Protein - 56 gr;
  • Calcium - 40% *;
  • Iron - 4% *;
  • Octo-PRO (protein mix) - 70 gr;
    • Concentrate of a serumal protein, isolate of a serumal protein, isolate of a dairy protein, hydrolyzate of a serumal protein, isolate of an egg protein, micellar casein, concentrate of a dairy protein, calcium caseinate;
  • Mix of a complex of carbohydrates of long assimilation - 175 gr;
    • Corn maltodextrin, rice maltodextrin, Karbo-Lyn;
  • Mix of useful fatty acids - 9 gr;
    • Oil of the channel, MCT (triglycerides with an average chain), the Omega-3 cod-liver oil, CLA (the conjugated linoleic acid);
  • Glyutaminovy mix (L-glyutamin, L - alanyl - L - glyutamin) - 1000 mg;
  • Mix of enzymes (a pro-basin, lactase) - 50 mg;
  • * the percent of day norm of vitamins and minerals, is given proceeding from the food making 2000 calories a day.

Ingredients: cocoa, chloride of sodium, sukraloz, to potassium atsesulfa, soy litsetin both natural and artificial fragrances. Contains: milk, eggs, soy and fish (herring, anchovies, mackerel, sardines, menkhaden, smelts, tuna, sandy Lance, salmon).

Recommendations about application:

  • Mix four measured spoons from 500 ml. water or milk;
  • To maximize a set of weight and to give intensity to your trainings, accept one portion about mornings and the second portion an hour later after training;
  • In not training days accept one portion between meals since morning, and, the second portion between meals in the second half of day;
  • Considering Muscle Juice Revolution properties - slow digestion of nutrients, he is an ideal geyner for acceptance directly before going to bed.

Contraindications and note: individual intolerance of components of a product, to pregnant women and the feeding women, persons till 18 years. Before application to consult with the doctor. Is not medicine.

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Geyner high-percentage MUSCLE JUICE REVOLUTION of 2120 grams
Geyner high-percentage MUSCLE JUICE REVOLUTION of 2120 grams
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