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Cooling of open space with the help of fog

Education systems of fog or haze are under the open sky used on for cooling of environment. If the similar system has the correct design, then it is capable to cool air to 15 degrees (at insignificant increase in relative humidity). Such systems can be installed

  • at restaurants
  • in parks
  • in hotels
  • in resorts
  • on scene and arenes
  • tennis courts
  • golf courses
  • vessels
  • fountains
  • falls
  • in internal court yard, etc.

As the fog education system works

Pressure in 70 bars crushes liquid drops to diameter of 5 microns. Thus the effect of "fulminant evaporation", lowering ambient temperature is shown.

This process - "thermodynamic". It is effective that on evaporation of water a lot of energy leaves (for evaporation of 1 g of water it is required to spend 600 calories of heat). Let's note that water possesses one of the maximum values in the nature so - called heat capacity of phase transition. Outflow by this energy also leads to fall of temperature.

Except cooling, systems of fogging have one more effect. At installation in internal court yard of restaurants or near swimming pools, in hotels, systems create unique and pleasant microclimate. At installation under the open sky when it is required to reduce temperature, the system has to be considered as the natural and ideal decision

Efficiency of similar system depends on several factors: temperatures and air humidities.

At humidity in the range from 40% to 90% of system work well. And at humidity level lower than 40% they work perfectly. It is obvious what the more moisture evaporates, the effect of cooling is stronger. In respect of achievement of the best results it is very important to design correctly system it provided full evaporation of moisture and the maximum cooling effect.

At the request of the client, on the basis of the provided documentation (the plan of the area of spraying, characteristics, etc. ), we mozhemv to implement the detailed offer with the subject indication of all necessary components (type of the module, types and lengths of lines, types and quantity of nozzles, etc. ). Together with delivery of system, our clients will be given detailed instructions for installation (height and arrangement of lines, interval between nozzles, arrangement of touch systems, etc. ).

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