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Technical characteristics
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Flokovy coverings, flocks, chips - the dry mix consisting of acrylic particles of a different form, the size and color. Flocks are used for dressing of walls in rooms - it is very reliable, wearproof and beautiful covering which is ideally suited for public places: a poliklennik, kindergartens, reception rooms, and also for finishing of houses and apartments! Absolutely safe, environmentally friendly and modern material. We have all necessary certificates. Also flocks (chips) are often used for creation of bulk floors - they give decorative effect to floors, and also do absolutely imperceptible small roughnesses and chips. Flocks are presented both in the form of monokhrom, and in the form of ready mixes in catalogs. The huge choice of coloring and mixes allows to combine flocks with each other, opening an infinite scope for creativity!

Examples of a flokovy covering in application: walls, bulk floors

Equipment for drawing a flokovy covering

Bulk floors with application of flocks.

The MINERAL COLOR trademark is known in the market of decorative finishing materials for construction since 1993. The line of production of flokovy coverings was the first, let at MINERAL COLOR plant to the Provinces of Bordeaux (France). The production technology was created even earlier. Founders of the company, representatives of an old French family De Pont, since 1989, carry out active research work on studying of properties of acrylic polymers and industrial methods of their creation. They developed not only author's compoundings of decorative paints and varnishes, but also samples of the unique equipment for production are created.

Quality of production of MINERAL COLOR is provided with technological know-how, fulfilled today, including, with use of the nanometrological equipment. Process of production meets the highest European requirements, including requirements to ecology, the organization of work and special branch norms of technological control.

Each party of flocks at an exit from production passes tests: flocks are tested for resistance of color to influence of light, moisture, temperature and biological factors.

Test also ability of flocks to form uniform polymeric structure in structure with other components of a flokovy covering: glue base and varnish.

The surface varnished is tested for an istirayemost, hardness, transparency, resistance of a film to influence of synthetic detergents and other physical and chemical properties.

The glue base of a flokovy covering is checked for the fluidity and ability a long time to keep adhesion. This property is necessary not only for increase in productivity of works on drawing flocks, but also to ensuring quality of a napylyaemy covering: any deviations from the standard of glue base pour out in heterogeneity of decorative effect

Special requirements are imposed to fragility. Flocks have to keep the form when drawing, transporting and storage. Otherwise, the decorative effect of a flokovy covering will differ from the effect developed by designers and included in catalogs of decorative flokovy mixes.

Unlike other decorative coverings used for finishing of interiors, flokovy coverings have almost unlimited opportunities on a palette of color schemes.

For the entire period of production more than 1000 flowers of flocks are let out. Taking into account various geometry of flakes, the number of combinations of mixture of flocks of various flowers and forms, does not give in to calculation! MINERAL COLOR lets out flocks in the form of leaflets and straws, flocks of the irregular geometrical shape with a cross size from 15 mm to particles of color dust, with a diameter less than 1 mm. On color flocks are subdivided on monochrome and polikhromny, having transition of two and more flowers in the palette.

In design mixes along with color flocks are successfully applied various type of a spangle: the gold, silver, metallized spangles of various color shades and a spangle of holographic shine. Spangles in ten standard sizes, in the form of straws, a hexagon or a square are issued.

Extraordinary elegance of a flokovy covering with spangles puts flokovy mixes almost out of competition at the choice of finishing material for interiors of discos, night clubs and restaurants. In assortment of flocks of MINERAL COLOR specialized fluorescent flocks for creation of fantastic fantastic effects as a result of luminescent lighting are issued. In an interior with finishing of a floor, ceiling and walls the black flock with spangles and fluorescent flakes easily creates illusion of loss of spatial reference points. Such effect is not achievable any finishing material from known in the market today.

Special marketing value is allocated for a color palette of flocks in our company. The same as in the automotive, perfumery, textile or shoe industry, the special group of designers monitors modern trends of color schemes in the segment and proposes the color schemes on finishing of interiors. The seasonal catalog of the flokovy mixes MINERAL COLOR is usually small and represents 30-50 options of design. But it is such options which passed the most strict selection from one thousand.

Our company puts in concept of quality not only good quality of the production, but also satisfaction of consumers. Each material is checked for ability to create at people of various cultures of mood of comfort, a cosiness and a holiday.

If it is short, then flokovy coverings it:

· Boundless color gamut;

· There are no joints, seams, cracks!

· The Antivandalnost - irreplaceable quality for public places! It is resistant to blows, scratches, attrition!

· Are applicable for all types of rooms: private, public, child care facilities, restaurants, night clubs

· The term of operation is from 10 to 15 years.

One of types liquid flokovy coverings the Dune - a moisture resistant decorative covering, steady against attrition, which basis - paint with textural effect and a varnish of a jellylike consistence with flokovy filling.

The catalog contains 30 shades of the main tone of a covering tinted on manual system and 5 flokovy mixes, offering the choice from 150 options of finishing finishing of a covering.

In the first decorative coverings from materials of the French producer. Wide range, high quality, originality, environmentally friendly materials.
1. Decorative plasters (Brossi, Rustic Révélation, Versailles Decor).
2. Venetian plasters
3. Flokovy coverings it is boundless color gamut, there are no joints, seams, cracks, an antivandalnost - irreplaceable quality for public places! It is resistant to blows, scratches, attrition!
Are applicable for all types of rooms: private, public, child care facilities, restaurants, night clubs, term of operation are from 10 to 12 years. Flokovy coverings in assortment: monochrome, with extensive color scale, caramel, the metallized, forest motives, threadbare flocks. Special attention of restaurants, bars and coffee flokovy coverings of Disko - fluorescent!
4. Liquid flocks Dune (moisture resistant decorative covering, steady against attrition)
5. Decorative paints
6. Mosaic paint
Works on the device of industrial floors, anticorrosive protection of metal, tree, concrete and other mineral surfaces (brick, tile and of river)

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Flokovy coverings (chips)
Flokovy coverings (chips)
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