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Fireplaces made of stone portal

Fireplaces made of stone portal

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Mantels made of stone portal Marble fireplaces and stoves A fireplace is a great way to create a noble accent in the interior. The use of natural stone in the design of the fireplace further emphasizes its sophistication. In addition, natural stone is absolutely safe and resistant to high temperatures. Styles of design. Classic. For some reason, the influence of modern modernist technologies almost did not affect the preferences of buyers in the choice of stone fireplaces. Now, as before, the classic style is very popular. It is a rectangular portal in the shape of the letter "P" and a rectangular smoke cornice. They practically merge with the wall next to which they are installed, although this statement is also true for some other types of natural stone fireplaces. The portal is made using a variety of materials, including: marble, malachite, wood and cast iron. The latter is characteristic of the English style. Classic stone fireplaces can be decorated with bas - reliefs, sculptural elements, columns. A classic marble fireplace can be installed in different rooms depending on the size of the house and the owner's taste. For example, marble is often used in offices and living rooms. Modern. To begin with, Art Nouveau fireplaces are usually installed from floor to ceiling, that is, they have a vertically elongated shape. Technically, they are similar to the classic ones. The internal structure of the firebox and chimney can be identical. Of course, they have a completely different portal. Art Nouveau fireplaces have become especially popular during the new wave of construction of rich mansions, luxury country houses, decorated in a very modern way. But along with new technologies, their appearance in houses and apartments has become a special chic. An ordinary classic marble fireplace often does not fit into a modern interior. There are a lot of solutions for decorating rooms in different geometries and layouts, so the Art Nouveau style is suitable for all rooms, with the exception of country, classical style and high - tech. Fireplaces in the Art Nouveau style are usually decorated very decoratively with the use of the latest finishing materials and differ from the classical ones in a more complex portal. After all, it should be in harmony with the design of the walls, floor and ceiling. For example, surrounded by stone - lined walls, a marble fireplace should contrast with the general background, and designers will decorate it accordingly. To do this, you can, for example, change the portal with additional materials in order to preserve the style of wall decoration, but at the same time choose a lighter or darker marble that contrasts with the color shades of the stone with which the walls are laid in the room. Art Nouveau fireplaces are distinguished by soft and smooth lines on the portal. Therefore, they are easy to design for a specific room, even the most unusual design. They will merge in a single picture performance and will complement each other, delighting the owner of the house and his guests with a cozy and comfortable atmosphere. If you are far from the classics and strive to emphasize the grace and sophistication of your home, choose modern style fireplaces.

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Fireplaces made of stone portal
Fireplaces made of stone portal
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