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Fetalny dopler of HEACO L6C

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Fetalny dopler of HEACO L6C
The Fetalny dopler of Heaco L6C is the figurative device for check of ChSS of a fruit. The device can will be applied to inspection of women as houses, and in hospital, with pregnancy term of 16 weeks and more.
The device measures pulse rate of the child in range from 50 to 210 beats/min and brings two types of data to the display. The digital type displays the frequency of heartbeat of a fruit in the form of digital values. The wave type displays the frequency of heartbeat of a fruit in the form of digital values and in the form of schedules.
- the liquid crystal monitor displaying digital values and schedules is equipped with illumination and can will be applied in the dark;
- the device counts ChSSP, using the same program of digital processing of signals, as in the fetalny monitor which provides the accuracy and reliability of results;
- the device is equipped with the highly sensitive sensor which uses ultrasound of low power and is safe for a fruit;
- the interface convenient and simple in use;
- the internal loudspeaker with eight levels of loudness including silent is built in;
- one lithium battery and indicator of a condition of the battery;
- function of economy of the battery: in normally working condition the device will be switched off automatically if there is no signal within 1 minute;
- battery charging directly in the device is available.
Complete set: 1. Fetalny dopler;
2. Charger;
3. Accumulator;
4. USB an adapter for a charge;
5. Instruction;
6. Warranty card;
7. Copy of the registration certificate of MOZ of Ukraine;
8. Copy of the Certificate of conformity of UKRSEPRO.
ChSS indicators
Monitoring C 16 weeks
LCD screen
Working frequency 1.0mgts, 2.0mgts, 2.5mgts ±5%
Operating mode Continuous/pulse dopler
Power of ultrasound is ≤5 MW/cm2
Range of measurement is 50-210 beats/min
Accuracy ≤ ±1 beats/min
Guarantee of 12 months
Producer of Heaco

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