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External corner of Holzblock

External corner of Holzblock

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Technical characteristics
  • BrandHolzblock
You can buy an external corner of Holzblock from us
  • External corner Wreath 150
  • Length: 482,7 mm

The vinyl log of Holzblock is a vinyl Holzblock panel, a fixing profile and the list of accessories for easy and fast registration of a facade. The Holzblock panel has original geometry, color and structure of a log, than favourably differs from analogs. The fixing profile is urged to provide reliability, ventilation and rigidity of a design.

Having created an extensive range of a vinyl log of Holzblock, we constantly expand it on the basis of orders of our clients. In assortment the Holzblock panel and the Holzblock-Baumann panel, each of which is presented in a rich color scheme. The section "Range" will help you to study the full list of production.


Release of a vinyl log of Holzblock is carried out according to the Russian and European norms, and also the strict internal quality standards of Holzplast. In the course of production the equipment of the advanced producers such as, by Krauss-Maffei Kunststofftechnik and Reimelt Henschel MischSysteme is used. In structure - only high-quality additiva and components delivered from Germany by the LG Chemicals, LRS and Kronos companies.

Superiority of a vinyl log of Holzblock

The main advantage of a product is its full continuity to a color scheme and geometrical parameters of a timbered felling. The facades of houses revetted with a vinyl log of Holzblock keep exclusive beauty of a natural tree, completely, excepting its shortcomings.

Who will win a victory - a natural tree or a vinyl log of Holzblock?

If to compare a vinyl log of Holzblock to natural materials, then it is necessary to mark out its several main advantages:

  • Simplicity of leaving. The vinyl log does not need additional attention and financial investments - regular painting or processing by special means including from insects.
  • Protection against rodents. The Mäusesicher technology does not allow to be got to any rodents in your house, and all thanks to existence of the fixing profile which is not demanding polyfoam use.
  • Is not exposed to corrosion, does not crack and does not decay. For 50 years your house will keep the original magnificent view.
  • Maintains differences of temperatures. The Frostfest technology gives a guarantee of resistance of a vinyl log to various differences of temperatures: from - 50C to + 50C. And it is possible to install panels and at - 20C.
  • Simplicity and convenience of installation. Registration of a facade of your house will take place easily and easy as the system is equipped with the necessary framing elements. The system of fastening will solve several problems at once: will hide shortcomings of initial construction material and will make your house warmer - between an obreshetka lay a heater that sharply lowers design heat transfer coefficient.


Vinyl siding under Holzblock log - ventilated. Between a wall and panels at installation the heat-insulation layer is laid so that the air layer which will freely contact to external environment was formed.

It is made for ages

The German patented production technology, application of unique compoundings and high-quality components, allow a vinyl log to remain in original state within 50 years. The Holzblock panel does not crack, does not decay and is not exposed to corrosion.

Geometry of a log of "KRONVEX"

The original geometry with camber of 4 cm allows to reproduce appearance of a wooden felling completely.

Texture of the real tree of "Holzdekor"

Colors: The pine, Cherry, the Gold oak and the Dark nut repeat texture and drawing of the real tree.

Farbfest technology. A guarantee of color till 15 years!

The German Farbfest technology provides stability of color throughout the entire period of operation. Drawing on a surface of the panel of a resistant acrylic covering protects it from influence of external environment, and stabilizers of color are guaranteed by its invariance eventually.

Does not demand leaving

The vinyl log of Holzblock does not need additional leaving, regular painting and processing by various anticorrosive means. It is rather simple to wash it water.

Crash-worthiness and durability

High durability and resistance to mechanical influences are reached at the expense of the guaranteed thickness of the panel of 1,2 mm, and also thanks to the patented system of fastening. The fixing Holzblock system supports the panel from within that completely excludes risk of deformation.

Lead-free production

The Holzplast company - one of the first companies on production of a vinyl log, caring for environment, declares transition of the production to a new eco-friendly compounding of "Bleifrei" without use of lead (Pb), with application of ecologically safe connection calcium-zinc (CaZn).

Reasonable price

The siding vinyl under a log is a technology which enjoys wide popularity in the construction market, thanks to its innovation. The Holzplast company provides production which will be the best decision in arrangement of the house at your choice.

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External corner of Holzblock
External corner of Holzblock
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