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EUROFIREWOOD (FUEL BRIQUETTES) - ideal fuel for heating of cottages, private houses, inhabited and industrial rooms. Having all advantages of normal firewood, fuel briquettes have a number of advantages. Fuel briquettes warm the room without ashes, the child or a soot. Eurofirewood when burning does not spark and does not smoke. At the volume, equal with firewood, fuel briquettes allocate warmly much longer, and it is necessary to add to a fire chamber eurofirewood four times less than wood logs. Fuel briquettes (eurofirewood) are a source of high temperature at a smokeless and constant high-temperature flame which can keep of one hour to four. When burning eurofirewood aroma of a natural tree is indoors felt. Also indisputable advantage in comparison with normal firewood is almost total absence of ashes. You should not clean a fireplace after each fire chamber. Besides fuel briquettes are widely used in baths and saunas. It is much more convenient to use an erodrov, than prepare by means of the axe and a wedge conventional fuel for a bath. It is not necessary to spend time for a splitting of firewood and it is possible to be sure for two hundred fifty percent that all sanitary and environmental rules are respected. After a burn-out the fuel briquette turns into the coal radiating with heat that is simply irreplaceable when cooking shish kebabs or a grill. One more scope of eurofirewood is the entertainment which is so loved by all - preparation of shish kebabs and barbecue. Fuel briquettes give a smokeless flame, and coals from from them very long heat. Fuel briquettes compacts, them it is convenient to store, unlike xylanthrax or firewood. It is not less convenient to apply briquettes and in the enclosed space to cooking of food. The cafe and restaurants use this new product of ecological technologies for a long time. The reason is quite simple - fuel briquettes do not allocate a caustic smoke and carbon monoxide gas.

IGNITION of FUEL BRIQUETTES: To be necessary for you for kindling of briquettes a small amount of a splinter or starter fluid (also tablets of dry fuel will approach).

In a fireplace two-three eurobriquettes are usually put, it is enough to warm up the room and to create the atmosphere of a cosiness in the house.

- Firewood (a felling of the current year - wet) 2450 kcal;

- Firewood (dry, last year's) 2930 kcal;

- Brown coal of 3910 kcal;

- BRIQUETTES/PELLETS / from waste wood of 4400 kcal!!!!!

- Black coal of 4900 kcal;

from 10 boxes 50 pour

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Eurofirewood (fuel briquettes)
Eurofirewood (fuel briquettes)
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