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  • BrandSUNGARD
  • Country of manufactureUnited States

These are really unique multilayered films created on company technology. On each layer of a film with thickness in several micron by method of molecular evaporation in vacuum it is applied over a thin layer of metal. According to the developed technology precious and rare-earth metals are used. At the same time the cost of a film increases very slightly because the expense of expensive components is small. Then all layers unite in a whole, (remember Napoleon cake so well-loved by many.

Lack of all earlier used heat-shielding films was the fact that they detained not only infrared beams, but also visible light.

Illumination of the room worsened. The feature inherent only in mnogosloynymplenka with use of metals for a dusting, is that they practically do not worsen passing of visible light. Therefore, saving heat in the winter and creating a cool in the summer, you besides will not spend money for additional lighting! The energy saving problem, in particular, preservation of heat in rooms, in our latitudes is very actual. In southern latitudes the problem of conditioning of rooms in summertime is not less actual.

Results of thermodynamic researches demonstrates that losses of heat through windows standard office and premises by the radiation and convection not less than 30%, and through walls - about 40% - 45%. Other thermal losses are caused by existence of ventilating channels, cracks in window frames, walls, doorways. It is considered that in standard office and premises the total area of surfaces of windows occupies from 20% to 35% of total area of external walls of the building (the surface of a roof is not considered.

Now the heat-insulating materials like polyurethane polyurethane foam therefore the problem of seal of cracks through which heat leaves is almost solved are widely applied (a poteritepla decrease by 80% - 95%). For improvement of thermal insulation of walls use effective and eco-friendly vnutrenniyestenovy coverings thanks to which the corresponding losses decrease by 35% - 60%. Therefore, losses of heat leaving through windows can become the most significant.

The traditional heatreflecting films, unfortunately, absorb also visible light. Illumination of the room decreases that in northern areas, especially in the winter, is extremely undesirable. First, expenses on lighting increase. Secondly, and it is, perhaps, a big shortcoming, the natural daylight is replaced with artificial electric lighting.

For permission of this contradiction the SDI Sungard firm conducted basic researches on creation of special films which would reflect thermal (infrared) radiation, but in

the same time with the minimum losses would pass visible light. The unique multilayered films created on company technology were as a result developed.

On kazhdyysly films thickness in several micron by method of the plasma category in the atmosphere of argon puts a superthin layer of metal. According to the developed technology precious and rare-earth metals are used. Metal layer thickness - literally several molecules therefore extent of retardation of visible light is very insignificant, and cost practically does not differ from the cost of a usual film.

Then each layer becomes covered with adhesive, and with the determined, strictly maintained pressure and temperature all layers unite in a whole. In order that the film possessed energy saving property at radiation as sodny party, and on the other hand, the metallized layers are symmetrized concerning the center: "metal 1 - metal 2 - metal 3 - metal 2 - metall1".

Metals are selected so that to provide the maximum extent of the return reflection on naruzhnykhsloyakh. It is necessary to reduce repeated rereflection of thermal radiation in a film and its heating. The following metals or alloys are most often used:

Metal 1 - gold;
Metal 2 - silver;
Metal 3 - an alloy of nickel and chrome.
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Energy saving window films
Energy saving window films
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