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Dvukhskrepochny pneumatic klipsator of KOMPO

Dvukhskrepochny pneumatic klipsator of KOMPO

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Kazakhstan, Pavlodar
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Are intended for closing of various fillers in the polymeric, collagenic and intended for a klipsovaniye other hose covers.

  KN - 21 KH - 21M KH - 23M
Caliber of a cover, mm 40 - 80 40 - 80 40 - 80
Air pressure in working network, MPa, not less 0,7 0,7 0,7
Consumption of compressed air, l/cycle 1,0 1,0 1,2
Automatic operating mode of a detachable knife no is is
Klipsovaniye cycle time, sec. - - 1,5 - 2
Time of a delay of turning on of the forcing device, sec. - - 0 - 2
Overall dimensions, mm 420х650х910 420х700х910 400х1200х1050
Weight, kg 21,5 22,5 41,5

  • The end previous and the beginning of the following of long loafs is at the same time sealed and the cover between long loafs in the manual or automatic mode is cut (at KN - 21 klipsator only the manual mode of cutting of a cover between long loafs)
  • If necessary under a paper clip it is possible to put manually a shpagatny loop for suspension of long loafs
  • The product is completely made of qualitative food stainless steel.
  • Klipsator of KH - 21M in difference from KN - 21 has an additional tray for giving of a cover.
  • The most popular and widely demanded cars are pneumatic klipsator – semiautomatic devices of KN - 22 and KN - 23M. These klipsator have the following functions. They can be aggregated with syringes of any brand. In the course of work klipsatory - semiautomatic devices operate the syringe. They dose the size of sausage long loaf, have the device of adjustment of density of stuffing of a cover, have two control modes a detachable knife (manual and automatic). The mobile feeder allows to create a cover stock for filling (to 40 m) and to unload a cover from excessive tension at shift its overclamping. The mobile shaft of a feeder allows to connect a klipsator to the syringe quickly. Klipsator of KN - 22 has a support for it ustanovkis wheel support, the klipsator of KH - 23M is established on a table.
  • The principle of work of a klipsator consists in ensuring the following operations of a running cycle:
    • turning on of the delivery syringe and filling of a cover with a filler -
    • adjustments of density of filling of long loafs -
    • adjustment of length of long loafs -
    • shutdown of the delivery syringe when receiving long loaf of the required length (weight) -
    • overclamping of the filled cover -
    • imposing of two paper clips on the pressed cover -
    • piece of single long loaf or sausage chain -
    • return of knots and mechanisms of a klipsator to a starting position.




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Dvukhskrepochny pneumatic klipsator of KOMPO
Dvukhskrepochny pneumatic klipsator of KOMPO
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