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Drives for garage and industrial gate of M40 buy in Chişinău
Buy Drives for garage and industrial gate of M40
Drives for garage and industrial gate of M40

Drives for garage and industrial gate of M40

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Electromechanical drives of ceiling installation with self-braking reducers for automation of section and lifting and rotary gate up to 9,5 m ².


Features of a design

  1. The integral profile from extruded aluminum has the allocated tracks for a chain, the carriage and the lock that excludes side plays and vibrations in system of transmission and does the movement of gate by the smoothest;
  2. The adjustable emphasis of open provision of gate does operation of the drive completely safe;
  3. The special design of a steel lock facilitates procedure of emergency locking of a cloth of gate in a closed position;
  4. The powerful towing carriage is equipped with extremely simple and reliable eccentric mechanism of an unblocking;
  5. The pulley of sliding of a chain is supplied with the roller bearing providing a friction minimum, lack of vibration and noiselessness of work;
  6. The chain tension knot, the motor — a reducer and the control unit are located from one edge of the directing profile that considerably reduces time for installation and adjustment of the drive;
  7. Safety of work and simplicity of programming of a privodarealizovan thanks to the electric motor of a direct current supplied with a magnetic enkoder;
  8. Built in the control unit significantly simplifies all installation works and electric connections;
  9. The built-in lamp lights internal space of garage during the parking of the car;
  10. In a basic complete set the drive is delivered with a network cord 0,8 m and an eurofork;
  11. The support the motor reducer guarantees a sufficient and invariable chain tension in time without deflection of the leading shaft which is supported by two ball-bearings;
  12. On a case of lack of power supply in a network the towing carriage is equipped with the convenient handle of an unblocking with a cord. In addition, the drive can be completed with system of a remote unblocking with a cable;
  13. Discrete adjustment of turns of an electric motor supports 3 speeds of movement of the towing carriage;

Tekhnchesky characteristics

Model H40/G3021
M40/654 KIT M40/655
Class of protection (IP): 40
Drive power supply (in/Hz): ~ 230/50
Power supply of the motor (B): =22/27/32
Rated power (W): 200
Intensity of use (%): 50
Traction effort (N): 650
Maksimalnaya Square of section gate (sq.m): 9,5
Speed of opening (m/min): 5,4/7,2/9
The mass of the drive from a guide of 3 m (kg): 13,5
Range of working temperatures (°C): - 25 - +70

Model range and accessories for the M40 series

Article Description
M40/654 The M40 drive case with the control unit and the transformer without the directing profile and an electric motor
M40/G3065M Integral aluminum guide of the M40 series of long 3 m with chain system of towage of the carriage with previously mounted electric motor and the carriage
KIT M40/655 Set: M40/655 - 1 piece, the built-in H-93/RX22/I radio receiver - 1 piece, H80/TX22 charm - 1 piece.
KIT M40/G3065M Set: M40/G3065M - 2 pieces in the general packing
RL654 Set of accessories with a cable to an external remote unblocking of the towing carriage
RL655 Set of accessories with a cable and the handle protected by a key to an external remote unblocking of the towing carriage
LT314 Couple of additional suspensions of 420 mm for a guide of the ceiling drive
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Drives for garage and industrial gate of M40
Drives for garage and industrial gate of M40
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