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Dried apricots in Moldova

Dried apricots in Moldova

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Dried apricots - the gentle delicacy made of the best grades of apricots. The dried apricots is appreciated in everything the world thanks to the gastronomic qualities and dietary structure. Distinguish true dried apricots - the dried-up apricot halves, dried apricots - the apricots which are dried up entirely and to a kays - the whole apricots without stone. Armenia was always considered as the dried apricots homeland though, actually, for the first time began to do dried fruits of an apricot in China about 4000 years ago. Since then the dried apricots almost did not undergo changes and it is still considered one of the most valuable delicacies.


The apricots and sweets made on its basis quickly won recognition in the different countries of the world. So, the botanical name of fruit - "armeniaca" is conformable with the name of Armenia. In Ancient Greece and Rome appreciated, so-called, "nectar of gods" which was produced on the basis of apricot or peach juice. Ancient Persians called apricots "solar eggs", in the east they carried the name "moon of devout", and were mentioned in the Greek myths as "gold apples". From 1500th years such sweet as dried apricots appeared in Europe, and 1792 for the first time the dried apricots was tried for the first time in San Francisco. Today for production of 1 kg of dried apricots about 5-6 kg of fresh apricots are used. The dried apricots turns out only from special srednesochny grades of apricots - it is dried in special places on the sun on an extent of 6-8 days. The dried apricots gains more dark color if in process drying it comes under moisture influence and vice versa. The dried apricots is appreciated as a separate dish, it is added to desserts ¸ confectionery, pastries, and also by rice and meat dishes. The dried apricots is added in uzvar.

The dried apricots contains:

  • Potassium
  • Calcium
  • Phosphorus
  • Magnesium
  • Manganese
  • Copper
  • It is well-cared (B4 vitamin)
  • Vitamin E
  • Caloric content of 100 g - 241 kcal

Advantage of dried apricots

The dried apricots is famous for the high content of minerals, pectins, organic acids and minerals that is especially important for the people needing the enriched food in the period of an illness, rehabilitation or a diet. The continuous use of dried apricots makes salutary impact on digestion, improves a condition of skin and hair, promotes removal from an organism of cholesterol, salts of heavy metals and radionuclides. Elderly people, teenagers and pregnant women need to use dried apricots. It is not recommended to use to diabetics and athletes because of rather high content of sugar.

Unknown dried apricots

  • In a midland of Russia dried apricots call dried red beet in the furnace. After the Great Patriotic War such "dried apricots" were the only available sweet.
  • Today Turkey is considered the largest producer of dried apricots, it is not lagged behind by the USA where about 400 farms in California grow up apricots on the area about 8500 hectares.
  • The apricot belongs to the class "Plums"
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Dried apricots in Moldova
Dried apricots in Moldova
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