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Disc harrow GD-3.6. Harrow disk (disc harrow) from Moldagrotehnica. buy in Beltsy
Buy Disc harrow GD-3.6. Harrow disk (disc harrow) from Moldagrotehnica.
Disc harrow GD-3.6. Harrow disk (disc harrow) from Moldagrotehnica.

Disc harrow GD-3.6. Harrow disk (disc harrow) from Moldagrotehnica.

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Technical characteristics
  • BrandMoldagrotehnica
  • Country of manufactureMoldova
  • TypeDisc harrow

Disc harrow GD-3.6

In recent years, agriculture in many countries farmers are moving away from plowing, performing as the main operation deep disking the soil. Using the technology and observing the crop rotation, plowing can be done once every four years. As a result of reduced time and fuel costs. And also reduces moisture loss and excludes the process of erosion.

Disc harrow, meeting the requirements of the new technology, let Moldagrotehnica SA is GD-3,6. Harrow intended for soil treatment after the harvest of different crops, processing layers after plowing, whole lands and stubble breaking.

Design features of the harrow GD-3.6, provides it with the above-mentioned advantages:

1. Replaces plowing, by treating the soil to a depth of 20 cm, which is achieved by the following features:

  • V-shaped arrangement of the battery;
  • adjustment of the angle of attack of 15 to 30 degrees;
  • harrows 3300 kg in weight provides the pressure for each disk 115 kg (BTC-3 and BTC-7 total of 61kg).

2. Equipment Harrows milling module, which makes it multi-operational unit consists of:

  • Two passive cutters - providing dyeing clods remaining after disking;
  • Two teeth modules - providing leveling array, creates a layer, which prevents evaporation of moisture.

As a result, thanks to these two operations, a well-crafted layers, and exclude the operation cultivations.

3. Maintaining soil moisture;

4. Using the harrow GD-3,6 get absolutely high-quality soil cultivation with agro-technical point of view, sowing, plowing and then you need to carry out additional work for leveling, cultivation and soil compaction;

5. The fuel economy. For plowing must 20.1 l / ha, and for use harrows only 9 l / ha obtain savings in processing 100 tons of 1.11 ha in diesel fuel. Plus save fuel and time by reducing the manufacturing operations;

6. Increased productivity. Plowing performance when using PLN 3-35 is 0.7 m / h, when using the harrow - 3.17 m / h, the processing savings is 100 ha 111.5 hours;

7. Raising machine frame structure due to welding Kargon medium (72% argon and 18% CO2) obmednennoy wire.

Economic calculations in comparison with plowing :





1 ha

Consumption t oplivo l / ha




11.5 l / ha

100 hectares

1,150 hp

1 ha

working time

70 min

20 minutes


50 min

100 hectares

83 hours

Advantages : 1. When using the harrow GD 3.6, seeding is made with only two passageways.

  • reduction process passes,
  • reduction in specific fuel consumption for Ga,
  • productivity increase;

2. Use the harrow GD 3.6 allow for plowing, once every four years; 3. The use of new technologies, enhances percentage of humus in the surface layer of soil; 4. Using the harrow GD 3.6, you get high-quality processing of soil for sowing (with agro-technical point of view), while after plowing, the soil needs additional preparatory operations; 5. Use the harrow GD 3.6 is the perfect solution to combat erosion.

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Disc harrow GD-3.6. Harrow disk (disc harrow) from Moldagrotehnica.
Disc harrow GD-3.6. Harrow disk (disc harrow) from Moldagrotehnica.
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