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Technical characteristics
  • Country of manufactureMoldova

Deep-rippers with anchors of SPA-2/2.5/3/3.8 are intended for deep processing of the soil with simultaneous processing of the top layer.

This method of processing unites advantage of plowing with advantages of a disking and at the same time excludes some shortcomings of typical deep plowing. Such as creation of a subplough sole and excessive size of a furrow.

The deep-ripper has the following advantages:

1. Deep processing of the soil without layer revolution: thanks to five zubovy sections located in two ranks which allow to adjust depth of processing from 10 to 45 cm.

2. Effective loosening is a result of work of teeths with the knives wings located on each side.

3. Creation of channels for a congestion and deduction of moisture in the soil, thanks to positive effect of zubovy sections and two rows of zubovy skating rinks.

4. Reduces the number of operations for preparation of the soil for crops, at the expense of an exception of operation of a disking after the main processing.

5. Cuts down specific fuel consumption for one hectare, thanks to reduction of technological operations of preseeding preparation of the soil, and also reduction of fuel consumption when processing by the deep-ripper in comparison with a plow.

Reduces moisture losses. The deep-ripper provides processing with creation of channels width of a trace of teeths, these channels are intended for a congestion and keeping of moisture, in too time the soil erosion is excluded.

Constructive part

This deep-ripper represents a simple design which will not create to you too many problems during ekspluatation, and in too time the unit has high reliability.

Active working bodies of the unit it: two rows of zubovy sections are located on 0,5 m, and row-spacing of 0,3 m wide. That teeths are intended for deep loosening their design provides also installation on each side of knives wings which are located a little above the lower part of teeths, these wings allow us to process the top layer of earth, and provide a perekryvayemost, that is continuous processing, in cases of a big temporary gap between preseeding preparation of the soil and crops where danger of loss of moisture appears is provided, the design of the ripper provides one more set of knives wings, with smaller sizes that allows us to create channels for a congestion and keeping of moisture in the soil. The design allows to regulate depth of processing from 18 to 45 cm.

For prevention of unexpected breakages of the deep-ripper the design provides on a srezny bolt on each tooth. At emergence of unexpected obstacles (big stones, strong roots) the bolt collapses only srezny, without damaging other parts of a design.

Technical characteristics

Parameters SPA-2 SPA-2.5 SPA-3 SPA-3.8
Width of processing, m 2 2.5 3 3.8
Productivity, hectare/h 0,8-1,6 1,0-2,0 1,2-2,4 1,5-3,0
Speed of work, km/h 4-8
Depth of processing, cm 10-45
Tractor power according to depth of processing, h.p.
From 10 to 30 cm 80-130 150-180 160-250 270-400
From 30 to 45 cm
Expense fuel, kg/hectare 8-15
Overall dimensions, mm 2.0x2.7x1.6 2.7x2.7x1.6 3.3x2.8x1.7 4.0x2.8x1.7
Weight, kg 1050 1250 1700 2700
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