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Deep pumps Hydro-Vacuum

Deep pumps Hydro-Vacuum

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Technical characteristics
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Deep structures are intended for: works in the water - supplying systems, forcings and increases in pressure of liquids in technological processes, lowerings of the level of ground waters, irrigating systems and other industrial and household applications.

Main lines of deep pumps of G type


  • possibility of building of the swinging structure, in the position which is hanging, standing and lying without the need for preparation of the bases
  • possibility of embedding in the drilled openings of wells with small and average diameters without raincoats napravlyayushche ― sucking in
  • possibility of embedding in the drilled openings of wells of big diameter and tanks with big dimensions with application of raincoats napravlyayushche ― sucking in
  • possibility of direct embedding to the line of the pipeline of the swinging pump in a tight raincoat in vertical or horizontal orientation.
  • possibility of creation of the swinging structure with a round parallel to the line of the pipeline in a tight raincoat in vertical or horizontal orientation.
  • linear placement of plugs in a hermetic raincoat simplifies creation of the swinging structure
  • the close design demands a space minimum
  • pumps and engines have a standard design of connections and couplings on the NEMA (the standard of the USA) approved and used by all producers of deep pumps in the world
  • shlitsevy connection of the coupling provides reliable transferring of torque without need of preservation, simple installation and dismantle or replacement that simplifies service
  • the bearing knot of the pump and engine does not demand service, is greased with the pumped liquid in the pump and the liquid filling the engine in the engine, extending from it warmly power losses.
  • the flooded swinging structure in a tight raincoat or a vessel does not rustle

The pumped liquids

The deep pumps intended for pumping of drinking water of the purified, unboiled water, sea, and also mineral or thermal water which are not containing the impurity erasing and dlinnovoloknisty.
Mechanical pollution of the pumped water cannot exceed 100 mg/litre of water, for pump structures in which rotors and napravitel are made of plastic to 50 mg/litre of water.
Pollution which can promote emergence of rainfall in the pump and on the surface of the engine are not allowed. If it is inevitable, the user of the pump is obliged to delete from time to time rainfall when their layer reaches thickness to 0,5 mm.
Pumping of the liquids promoting the accelerated corrosion and erosive wear of the materials used in the pump is inadmissible.
Pumping of other liquids, than water after the contract with the producer is possible.

The reduced data


  • Q productivity: 0,9 ÷ 420 m3/h
  • height of raising of H: to 642 m
  • Temperature of the pumped liquid t: to 25oC *

* in case of the highest temperatures, it is necessary to consult every time with the producer.

the engines used in glubiiny pumps

Deep pumps of production Hydro - Vacuum S. A. work with submersible electric motors of wet type. Selection, at the request of the client, other engines with flange connection with the sizes according to norms of NEMA is possible.

Use of the converter of frequency.

All swinging deep structures of production Hydro - Vacuum S. A. brought electric three - phase motors can eat by means of the frequency converter.

  • not to exceed the nominal frequency of power supply of the deep engine ― 50 or 60 Hz.
  • to select the deep engine at one size of power above that which turned out on standard selection of engine capacity for the pump from the catalog.
  • admissible minimum frequency makes 32 Hz, on condition of preservation of the minimum speed of a perepla va 0,2 m/s on the external surface of the engine. It is for this purpose recommended to install the soaking - up raincoat.
  • to protect the engine from the harmful retension and hindrances, for this purpose it is necessary to use RC and LC filters
  • to select the converter for the size of rated current of the engine.
  • the converter has to have the built - in protection of the engine from:
    • current overload,
    • falling of the feeding tension,
    • disappearances of a phase.
  • power supply of the converter has to fulfill all requirements of the producer, especially carry telno the required sections of electric wires and not excess of admissible distance of the converter from the engine.
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Deep pumps Hydro-Vacuum
Deep pumps Hydro-Vacuum
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