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Decorative paint Sisyphus Sisyphus Color silver

Decorative paint Sisyphus Sisyphus Color silver

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Decorative textured paint with a pearlescent effect and a special filler of various fractions .  


Material description : Sisyphus paint is a water - dispersive decorative textured paint with a pearlescent effect . In dependence of the type pearlescent pigment is produced in two basic colors : "silver" , and "interferential gold" . Sisyphus paint allows you to obtain , depending on the application technology , various effects : "rain" , a homogeneous surface , cross strokes , geometric shapes , highlighted by filler against the background of the base . Possible tinting with pigment pastes for water - based paints and varnishes . The coating on the basis of the paint resistant to contamination by micro - organisms , in fact including mold fungi . The coating is resistant to wet abrasion .

Composition : aqueous slurry of pearlescent pigment and filler major fractions in styrene - acrylic binder with functional additives .

Area of application : Sisyphus paint is designed for rooms with high operating loads : hospitals , clinics , sanatoriums , children's gardens and schools . It is used for application on plasterboard , brick , concrete and stone surfaces , previously filled and primed .

Surface preparation : clean the painted surface from loose areas , dust , dirt , grease and other substances that impair adhesion . The surface must be flat and dry .

Application scheme :

1. Primer - deep penetration impregnation P é n é tration or Primer film - forming Imprgnation or Primer - antifungal impregnation Fix ( Fix ) , depending on the type of surface to be painted .  

2. Soil fortifying Quartz ( Quartz )

3. Paint Sisyphus, base "interference gold" in two layers , base "silver" in one layer .

Application method : Stir thoroughly before use . Paint Sisyphus applied with a brush in one layer , crossing over smears . Without letting the paint dry , with another dry brush , with light tangential movements, scatter the quartz filler over the surface , creating the desired texture . If paint is not applied cross - strokes , a unidirectional motion , you can make another external type , so - called "rain" . Did coating the second layer with the use of similar technology .

Care of the surface in the process of operation : painted Sisyphus surface may be washed with warm water with detergent or disinfectant agent brush , sponge or cloth not earlier , than after 7 days after dyeing . A slight change in gloss is allowed after washing .

Tools : brush .

Dilution : water , ready to use , does not need to be diluted .

Flow rate : 0, 15 - 0,3 kg / m 2 with two - layer coating .

Packing : 1 kg , 5 kg .


Application conditions: recommended application temperature - from + 15 ºС to + 30 ºС, relative humidity - no more than 75% . The temperature of the air and the surface to be painted should be approximately 3 ° C above the dew point.

Drying time "to touch": no more than 1 hour at a temperature of (20 ± 2) ºС and humidity not higher than 70% .

Open exposure time (the time until which it is possible to apply subsequent layers without damaging the previous one): no more than 20 minutes at a temperature of (20 ± 2) ºС and humidity not higher than 70% .

Complete drying time: no more than 7 days at a temperature (20 ± 2) ºС and humidity no higher than 70% .

Cleaning of tools: with water.

Coating service life: predicted service life under specified operating conditions from 8 years.

Transportation and storage conditions: store and transport in a hermetically sealed container at temperatures from + 5 ºС to + 35 ºС. Protect from direct sunlight. Keep away from heating appliances.

Expiration date: 24 months in original packaging.

Precautions: use gloves and overalls when working. Keep out of the reach of children. The paint is odorless, fire and explosion proof. The dried coating has no harmful effects on humans. In case of contact with eyes, rinse with running water and seek medical advice. If swallowed, consult a doctor.

Disposal: after complete drying, it is disposed of as household waste.

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Decorative paint Sisyphus Sisyphus Color silver
Decorative paint Sisyphus Sisyphus Color silver
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