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CREA.TOR creatines of 120 capsules

CREA.TOR creatines of 120 capsules

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You Are ready to new reality? Change yourself with CreaTOR!

Each body builder knows that it needs to be taken seriously - all fabrics in a human body are capable to full transformation. It simply demands persistence, determination and will power. Of course, a little creatine is useful too... and what look you use, is vital.

Why to experiment with different types of creatine when you can receive the most modern combination of creatine - a combination, with the proved extreme efficiency?

BioTech of the USA created what nobody was able to make still. In 2011 we united the latest discoveries in creatine researches to create a unique many-sided product. Forget about your previous experience with creatine - consequences of CreaTOR and are beyond far all that you endured, and absolutely any side effects!

What in it does it so strong?
1. TOR Matrix (1100 mg / a dose) is unique in the world of food additives. It is creatine with the increased level rn with the absorption and indicators of efficiency considerably exceeding other compositions of creatine. CreaTOR contains the micronized creatine, pure structure monohydrate creatine. It is dissolved completely and quickly as it was shown on additional 180 microns. Thanks to the surprising speed of absorption, it gets to blood and muscles in 90% to the form of structure ready to use.

2. Creatine Serum - a special combination from three compositions of creatine of the next generation:

  • Creatine a hydrochloride - structure is developed in 2003, was proved that it more effective, than creatine monohydrate. It prevents an abdominal distension, is well dissolved, easily gets into blood and does not turn into creatine;
  • AKG - new opening. The AKG group does structure to much stabler and, therefore, it is dissolved very well with stable level rn. Besides, it does not cause a problem with digestion or a stomach. AKG is a guarantee that creatine will be at once delivered in cages;
  • Creatine a gluconate - creatine together with its transport system. Creatine a gluconate is also chemically connected with carbohydrates which considerably improve absorption!

3. Maximum Energy cocktail. Niatsin, green tea and a natural guarana - this combination increases opportunities to the maximum that mentally adjusts you on the maximum activity which is possible with a creatine matrix.
It will allow you to begin and support work.

  • Expands blood vessels, improving supply effectiveness oxygen and active ingredients;
  • Speeds up heartbeat;
  • Improves concentration and vigilance.

4. ATP the FACTOR - for optimum use
Calcium piruvat, tirozin and NADH are the main catalysts of process of development of energy in an organism, i.e. a cycle of lemon acid. AAKG and tsitrullin malat increase the level of nitrogen oxide and facilitate supply between cages, and also help transport of nutrients and oxygen. In other words, this combination of active ingredients guarantees that the matrix of creatine can influence as much as possible where it is necessary.

It is easy to be crowded with enthusiasm when you read about all useful substances in CreaTOR. Time to apply this enthusiasm and to begin a way to surprising development of muscles came.

Now you can receive the best product with an ideal combination of ingredients. From now on, everything depends on you.
Let all think... only you know that it is completely lawful.

Ingredients: does not contain artificial dyes, sugar, preservatives, sodium, wheat, a gluten, soy, yeast or milk sour bacteria.

Recommendations about application: to accept 2 capsules a day in 30 minutes prior to training. In days without trainings to accept 2 capsules next the heart since morning.

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CREA.TOR creatines of 120 capsules
CREA.TOR creatines of 120 capsules
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