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A series of the highly active preparations containing the highest concentration of steady forms of vitamin C (L-ascorbic acid, offended magnesium phosphate, offended palmitat), and also the valuable moistening, nutritious and regenerating components of a natural origin. Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) - water-soluble vitamin, one of the most important vitamins for a human body. Vitamin C plays an irreplaceable role for maintenance of health and beauty of skin, participating in many parties of functioning of skin:

- possesses antiseptic and anti-inflammatory action;
- accelerates regeneration of fabrics and healing of injuries of skin;
- is a natural antibiotic and natural antioxidant;
- protects from oxidation a number of biologically active agents (including vitamin E and iron);
- stimulates synthesis and fast renewal of collagen and elastin;
- strengthens walls of vessels and capillaries, normalizes their permeability;
- participates in chromogenesis processes: slows down melanin synthesis, possesses the depigmenting and bleaching action;
- is the natural light filter;
- softens skin, increases its elasticity and elasticity;
- rejuvenates skin, slows down aging process;
- smoothes skin, reduces depth of wrinkles.

Vitamin C is not synthesized in a human body therefore for maintenance of normal functioning it is necessary to consume food rich with vitamin C. Especially skin because from skin he gets for maintenance of normal work of other bodies suffers from a lack of vitamin C: skin becomes dry, rough, prematurely grows old. Therefore optimum it is possible to provide with vitamin C all layers of skin, having only added reception of necessary amount of vitamin C inside with use of preparations for external application. It is proved that at external use vitamin C is acquired 20-40 times better, than at internal. As vitamin C is very unstable and easily collapses, creation of a stable formula which is used in our preparations became the real break in cosmetology and now application of several forms of ascorbic acid is available to us.

Purpose of a series:

Humidifies and softens skin.
Possesses powerful antioxidant action (neutralizes the free radicals which are one of the reasons of aging of skin).
Getting into deep layers of skin, stimulates production of collagen, elastin and intercellular substance, restoring elasticity and elasticity of skin.
Reduces depth of the existing wrinkles, slows down aging.
Normalizes function of sebaceous glands.
Strengthens walls of vessels and capillaries, reduces their permeability.
Clarifies skin, gives it light uniform color.
Protects skin from sunshine.
Strengthens influence of AHA acids and Retinolum.

Active ingredients:

Offended magnesium phosphate
Offended palmitate
L-ascorbic acid
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Cosmetics of C the Success
Cosmetics of C the Success
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