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Correction of nosogubny folds order in Chişinău
Order Correction of nosogubny folds
Correction of nosogubny folds

Correction of nosogubny folds

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Planimetric plastikayavlyatsya by one of effective methods which allows to clean nosogubny folds. During procedure under skin gel which fills wrinkles is entered and the skin relief is leveled. Sometimes happens to clean enough nosogubny wrinkles that the person to look it became younger. For correction of nosogubny folds use preparations on the basis of hyaluronic acid of not animal origin that provides good biological compatibility with the patient's tissues. This group of preparations enjoys wide popularity among patients and deserved recognition of doctors.

In the practice for correction of nosogubny wrinkles I use the preparations Restylane, Juvederm, Surgiderm, Teosyal, Belotero, Phormae. All of them have necessary certificates of quality and safety. In spite of the fact that hyaluronic acid is the cornerstone of these preparations, there are some differences in their application. After carrying out correction nosogubny skladkiischezat about one year.

Nosogubny folds can be rather expressed even at people of young age owing to their constitutional features, an active articulation (actors, announcers) or in connection with violation of a bite which in time has not been corrected. Nosogubny folds are stronger designated at weight loss and smooth out at a weight set.

Procedure of correction of nosogubny it is sweet

Correction of nosogubny folds is carried out under local anesthesia by means of creams Emla or Anestop. Cream is applied on the corresponding zone for 25-30 minutes. The choice of a preparation depends on degree of expressiveness of a nosogubny fold, a condition of skin in the place of an injection and on the desirable duration of action of a preparation.

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Correction of nosogubny folds
Correction of nosogubny folds
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