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Contact lenses Dailies Total 1 (30 pcs pack..) (Code: 124355) buy in Chişinău
Buy Contact lenses Dailies Total 1 (30 pcs pack..) (Code: 124355)
Contact lenses Dailies Total 1 (30 pcs pack..) (Code: 124355)

Contact lenses Dailies Total 1 (30 pcs pack..) (Code: 124355)

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  • BrandOptix
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Overview innovative lenses Alcon ® Dailies Total 1 ®: Features and Advantages

If you are looking for high - quality lenses, ensuring a clear and bright image with unsurpassed level of comfort, we recommend paying attention to the unique product - Lenses Alcon ® Dailies Total 1 ® (Total Deyliz 1).

Advantages of the presented products can be listed for a long time. Firstly, these contact lenses are absolutely not noticeable when worn. Secondly, they can be used from early morning until late evening. Before going to bed thing to remove them, because Alcon ® Dailies Total 1 ® so comfortable that you can forget about and that you are using the lens. Another, a third advantage - the use of a unique vodogradientnogo material. Due to this natural tear - everything about your eyes. Almost 100% moisture on the surface provide unique comfort to 16 hours of wearing. This innovative technology has international patent (WO 2010/016096 A1 on 02.02.2012).

History of creation

The lenses were developed by staff of the world - famous American corporation Alcon (Alcon), one of the world's leading companies engaged in the development of ophthalmic products. brand experts conducted a large - scale study of the preferences of today's consumers. According to the survey, the majority of people in need of vision correction, do not want much, and it was put on the lens to the eye and forget about them for the whole day. Unfortunately, not every model on the market today optics, guarantees its owners a convenience, despite earlier according to the manufacturer specifications.




Why buy lenses Alcon ® Dailies Total 1 ®?

• Gradient water distribution. This technology never before been used in the production. What is it? Gradient distribution minimizes the internal reflection and create the same refractive index as the natural lens! Simply put, when you use Alcon ® Dailies Total 1 ® Your eyes will also be well moistened, as if you do not use the contact lizami.

• The highest level of oxygen transmission, also thanks to the gradient distribution of water. The inner layer is a silicone - hydrogel with low water content 33% smoothly into a hydrogel layer on a surface with nearly a 100% water content, which provides an average of lens DK / t = 156 maximum values.



• The surface of the silicone - free. The lenses can significantly reduce the risk of allergic reactions. Due to this property ophthalmologists are increasingly encouraged to buy these lenses to patients suffering from dry eye syndrome.
• Do not cause discomfort. Thanks to the innovative structure of the experts managed to form a very smooth surface. correction means are not felt and do not cause discomfort, even at the maximum possible use.



After reviewing the needs of potential customers, experts of the company Alcon developed innovative Deyliz Total 1, who will want to order a lot of people who suffer from this or that violation of refraction. They are based on a unique high - tech material vodogradientnogo delefilkon A. Due to its use of the lenses have a very high oxygen permeability and great moisture content. Through the use of delefilkona A, they retain their smoothness and hydration throughout the day. Company developers have tested these lenses, in which participants were asked to wear them for at least 16 hours, and then to share their feelings with the experts. As a result, 82% of them estimated the level of convenience when using not less than 9 points out of ten proposed.

Due to its high moisture content and Ultra - lenses are absolutely not felt century. They are rightly called innovative ophthalmic invention, which is approved for use for 16 hours a day. People had time to fully appreciate their quality, leave very positive reviews of Alcon ® Dailies Total 1 ®. They note the exceptional comfort when wearing, as well as vivid and sharp images regardless of the time of day.




Who should buy Alcon ® Dailies Total 1 ®?

• For beginners who have decided to go with the usual contact points on the optics;

• Holders of sensitive eyes prone to itching, burning and redness;
• People suffering from allergies, to reduce the hypersensitivity of the immune system to a minimum;
• Those who work a lot of PCs, because of their visual organs especially tired and prone to developing dry eye syndrome;
• All users who wear contact lenses every day, especially those who prefer high - tech lenses, but nevertheless continues to pick up more perfect products.


Price Alcon ® Dailies Total 1 ® is above average, but it is easily explained by their high - tech features that provide comfort and safety of use. Remember, they provide valuable healthy sight, which will allow you to keep in mind a lot of happy moments.

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Contact lenses Dailies Total 1 (30 pcs pack..) (Code: 124355)
Contact lenses Dailies Total 1 (30 pcs pack..) (Code: 124355)
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