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Contact lenses Air Optix Aqua

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Contact lenses Air Optix Aqua: features of silicone hydrogel

At present the benefits of contact lens familiar to almost every person suffering from some kind of deviation view. However, despite this, there is a fairly broad group of people who refuse to wear contact lenses.

The fact that most of the models are designed for daily wear regime. It implies that the contact lenses are worn no more than eight hours a day and always removed during sleep. But the rhythm of modern life is not always possible to comply with these rules. Often, the need for contact lens wear more than eight hours!

With this in mind, experts of the company Alcon created contact lenses Air Optix Aqua. They are made of silicone hydrogel material having a unique ability to "breathe", i. e. having a high permeability rate. Therefore, these optical products can be worn more than twelve hours a day and even sleep in them. As they do not impede the process of gas exchange of the cornea, then the probability of hypoxic damage is excluded.




Lenses Air Optix Aqua: features

Air Optics Aqua lenses are high comfort level during the entire wearing period. This is achieved thanks to the unique Aqua Moisture technology, which includes just three components:

  • Modern innovative material that is resistant to drying, ie, dehydration;
  • Special lubricant, making the process of putting on the lenses as convenient and comfortable;
  • Surprisingly smooth surface.

Considered contact lenses can be worn in the daytime mode or in a flexible. A permitted and extended wear if necessary. But the transition from day wear for a longer period should be only after an ophthalmic examination and, of course, with the permission of your doctor.

Lenses Air Optix Aqua are great even for users with high eye sensitivity. They are characterized by a short period of adjustment, which is why many optometrists recommend this grade for patients who are just starting to use contact lenses.




For the maintenance of contact lenses Air Optics Aqua can use modern multi - functional solutions that have several functions simultaneously: cleaning, disinfection, lubrication and hydration. But people who suffer from allergies, it is better instead to use a peroxide system.

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Contact lenses Air Optix Aqua
Contact lenses Air Optix Aqua
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