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It is an elastomeric bituminous and polymeric emulsion which is called also liquid rubber.

Concrete waterproofing (the bases, roofing designs, pools) by means of liquid rubber — an ideal way to leave water where it has to be.

Liquid rubber leaves far behind the traditional materials, rolled and membrane surfaces put with a hot method.

And here, why:

Convenience. The structure is quickly put (a dusting, a brush or the roller) and quickly stiffens.

Environmental friendliness. The concrete waterproofing on the basis of liquid rubber is not toxic, has no smell and can be applied in the enclosed space.

Productivity. If the covering is put in the mechanized way sprayed), it allows to execute quickly enough a waterproofing on a significant area. Two persons for the working day process up to 800 square meters of a surface. In ten minutes after use of mastic on this surface it is possible to go bravely.

Speed. Process of polymerization continues 48 hours, however water insulating properties at a surface appear at once after processing.

Quality. This seamless waterproofing of concrete perfectly pressurizes all minute pores and cracks.

Mastic which we produce is suitable, in principle, for any construction surfaces - concrete, a tree, metal. After processing the basis becomes literally soldered to a surface.

But also:

The waterproofing of concrete can be made on objects of a lyuboykonfiguration and level of complexity.

Surfaces do not need to be leveled, and processing can be made in the most constrained conditions. With its help it is easy to pressurize inputs of communications, water and sewer pipes. The concrete waterproofing, for example, allows to eliminate with liquid rubber leaks in a small cellar.

The structure for a waterproofing of concrete represents two - component mastic — a bituminous emulsion on a water basis with the entered polymers. This inexpensive high - quality material — a guarantee that you for many years will forget what is a leak of a roof, the pool, cellar.

Besides, this material is ecologically safe. With its help it is possible to make even a concrete waterproofing in tanks with drinking water.

The covering turns out very elastic: the 5 - centimeter strip of rubber stretches to 50 cm. Thanks to high elasticity, the getting waterproofing can be used in designs where there is a probability of formation of cracks at soil shrinkage. At the same time motions of the basis do not exert impact on a water insulating carpet so, even the crack will not lead to a water leakage.

It is known that low waterproofing stability of basements conceals in itself potential threat of flooding of ground waters. Rain water, spring thawing of snow, the proceeding water systems — all these factors constitute real danger.

Many on own experience know how many troubles bring ground waters. High humidity, dampness and a mold on walls of the cellar or a cellar do rooms almost useless. Penetration of water into basements can lead even to destruction of the base. And cellars can be used fully for placement of offices, warehouses, drugstores, shops and small productions.

And in these cases the concrete waterproofing liquid rubber allows to cope with problems easily. After hardening mastic creates a strong film on a concrete floor and walls which reliably protects the room from moisture penetration.

Liquid mastic does not demand application of various fire - dangerous torches, it stiffens without heating. Durability of such waterproofing of concrete is estimated decades. It is steady against differences of temperatures and mechanical damages. Automatic equipment provides the uniform thickness of a covering and an economical expenditure of material.

Thus, new material is ideal for the device of a waterproofing of a concrete floor.

And at the same time:

Lack of a smell and toxic allocations allows to use structure in the enclosed space without use of means of protection.

The covering easily washes.

Mastic it is possible to use a hail at a temperature from - 50 to + 90. Celsius.

Liquid rubber is applied to a concrete waterproofing on vertical surfaces — it strong keeps and does not become flowing even in hot weather.

As for a concrete waterproofing at arrangement of the base, this heavy - duty waterproof covering fills all smallest openings, cracks and a time in concrete, guaranteeing normal conditions of its operation.

The elastomeric bituminous and polymeric emulsion is the most modern material for a concrete waterproofing. It is chosen by professional builders. It is simple in use and provides the high speed of performance of work at the minimum labor costs.

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Concrete waterproofing
Concrete waterproofing
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