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Technical characteristics
  • Country of manufactureMoldova
combine type Self-propelled, wheeled, double-drum, rotary solomoseparatorom
mark Mercedes Benz OM 502LA
rated power kW 390
rated power hp 530
The composition of the thresher drum accelerator, threshing drum Impeller
The width of the grind mm 1700
The diameter of the accelerator drum mm 450
rotation frequency, to about \ min 1230
The diameter of the threshing drum mm 600
Rotational speed up about \ min 1152
Area concave, not less m2 1.26
Angle concave coverage hail 175
type solomoseparatora rotary
Number of rotors PC. 2
The diameter of the rotor mm 445
rotor Length mm 4260
Solomoseparatora separation area, at least m2 4.2
Total sieve area clean, not less m2 5.8
Grain tank With alarm set filling volume on 2 levels in transformed roof
Hopper capacity, not less than m3 10.0
Unloading height, at least m 4.1
unloading auger emission length, not less than m 4,925
Performance unloading device, not less l / sec 100
The angle of rotation of the unloading auger, not less than hail 101
type header The front, with electrohydraulic copying in the transverse and longitudinal directions to cut a predetermined height
Reaper width m 9.2
Weight of reaper kg 2950
Fuel tank capacity l 800
Dimensions and weight
The length / width / height in the operating position, no more than mm 10950/9700/4870
Length / width / height in transport position mm 20270/4100/4000
Harvester Operating weight complete with header 9.2 m. kg 21000
cleaning fan speed rev / min from 504 to 1560
Ground clearance of not less than mm 380





Combine Harvester "PALESSE GS16» Performance takes the top step of the lineup PALESSE harvesters. The machine is state of the art with an engine capacity of 530 hp It intended for agricultural harvesting large volumes of high cereal grains, cereals, legumes and other crops threshed.

GLC 1624

Double-drum threshing system with preliminary acceleration of the flow of grain mass provides gentle threshing at high productivity. Instead of straw walker combine is equipped with a rotary solomoseparatorom with two rotors, "wrapped" fixed grating decks and rotating in opposite directions. Such a combined circuit, combines the advantages of a drum threshing and separation rotor, is best suited for households, which, along with grain, in large volumes harvested corn.

The high level of automation of the processes performed by the combiner eliminates errors and ensure the stable work of the combine in varying crop conditions. The spacious cabin of the new unified series provides all the conditions for the combine without stress and fatigue during long shifts.

Repeatedly tested double-drum threshing diagram accelerated grain mass flow before being fed to the threshing drum proves its advantages and combine PALESSE GS16. "Combing" the mass of the drum-accelerator teeth makes it absolutely uniform flow. In combination with the high speed, it provides not only a quick and gentle threshing, but also creates the conditions for a high efficiency of all downstream processes.
Conditions for effective separation rotor are already at the stage of feeding the mass from the threshing apparatus: impeller are of special construction divides mass into two streams and uniformly submits to both rotors solomoseparatora. "Wrapped" decks, they rotate in opposite directions. When moving mass at high speed in a spiral between the rotors and fixed decks it acts on a large centrifugal force that provides rapid release of residual grain. This is - one of the most important factors that determine the high performance processor.

First, on the sloping board on it - stryasnuyu on board and only then - on a well blown cascades clean. This way of cleaning the grain mass from the rotors to the sieve box avoids the congestion and reduces the load on the cleaning system.

The system cleaning air stream is directed through two separate channels: an overhead stream blows stryasnoy difference between the board and the upper sieve already at this stage of removing a substantial portion of light fractions. The bottom stream is distributed evenly between the sieves, completing the clean grain. The intensity of the air flow and cleaning disclosure blinds regulated from the cab.

Comfort cab

The cab with an increased volume of work space and a large area of glazing meets all the requirements for the level of comfort the operator's station. Air conditioning with heater, fully adjustable ergonomic chair and steering wheel, folding soft seat for the instructor or assistant, refrigerated compartment, ergonomically placed controls and instruments - effective solutions for high performance without strain and fatigue.
Remote control and handle the speed of movement associated with the operator's seat, adjustable in height with the chair and are always in the same accessible, convenient for the operator position. On the handle speed of movement control focused management functions that require a rapid response. This direction of movement (forward / reverse) and speed of movement; lifting / lowering inclined chamber; an increase / decrease in the reel rotations lifting / lowering of the reel, its movement forward / backward; turning on / off the discharge screw; unloading auger rotation.
Terminal with LCD-screen TV is connected via the CAN network to the six modules onboard information control system (CICS):
- the transmission control module;
- loss modulus;
- CAN module control panel;
- sieves control module;
- module header;
- a base unit. Information Management System Control system based on on-board computer combines the functions of information support, registration, statistics, management and control. The computer finds the optimal ratio adjustment depending on the crop, its yield, moisture and debris. The terminal provides an interactive dialogue with the CICS operator, giving him the opportunity to control and management of working bodies combine, engine, transmission, running performance of operating and service operations, monitor the status of the combine systems. On the terminal screen, the operator also receives statistics on the progress of cleaning, as well as information about possible emergency situations.
Modern feederhouse is reliable, stable supply of high quality grain mass, provides high productivity and quality of threshing. In dry hot weather, sometimes the header is completely hidden from view kombaynora behind a thick veil of dust. This problem helps solve the set in the feeder housing combine dust extraction system from running header.
Reverse conveyor feeder - without the operation is dispensed with, especially in difficult harvesting conditions. Application motor in feeder design enables stepless reverse conveyor, while saving time.
As with all PALESSE harvesters, reaper harvester PALESSE GS16 seizure of 9.2 m is equipped with vertical planetary gear in the drive and cut system. The results of application of these systems are well known: fingers with two cutting edges durable knife drive perfectly rectilinear. This reduces loss grain harvester works at high speed, low shear and smooth, quiet running header and without vibrations.
Electrohydraulic copy relief header field "AutoContour" provides fully automatically maintain the desired cutting height, the pressure on the soil and the position of the header relative to the soil in both the longitudinal and transverse directions.
Signals are received from the copying arcs beneath the header, are continuously compared with predetermined values. Hydraulic cylinders on the inclined transverse copy chamber is constantly held parallel with the surface of the soil header. "Auto Contour" - is confident work at night, on the slopes and stony fields, which gives a tangible boost in performance.
Standard equipment on all models includes harvester PALESSE transport trolleys for reapers. They help to get to the field of public roads and easy building-block header directly in the field without additional devices.
The power unit Mercedes Benz OM 502LA power of 530 hp It ensures stable operation of the combine systems, components and mechanisms. Fuel injection under high pressure in conjunction with an electronically controlled engine operation makes it possible to develop a high maximum power with minimum specific fuel consumption even under high loads that are created during the cleaning of extreme conditions.
The use of automatic centralized lubrication system - this is a great time-saving provision for every shift maintenance, saving lubrication due to more accurate dosing automation, extend the life of the lubricated components and machines in general.
Application for Rapeseed Harvesting lets you build a table header. Active lateral dividers bespaltsevymi cutterbar precisely cut along the edge of retractable rape zagonki. In combination with rapeseed reflectors, it reduces the loss of rapeseed to a minimum.
Corn harvesting becomes easily manageable task using a specific set of equipment. It includes a header and a picking unit stebleizmelchitelem lowering drive threshing drum and concave removable accessories harvester working systems. Cobs are carefully separated and fed to the threshing and stalks finely crushed. The field remains fully ready for plowing.
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