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Cleaner of the M-FLUSH engine of 350 ml buy in Chişinău
Buy Cleaner of the M-FLUSH engine of 350 ml
Cleaner of the M-FLUSH engine of 350 ml

Cleaner of the M-FLUSH engine of 350 ml

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Technical characteristics
  • BrandXENUM
  • Country of manufactureBelgium

Xenum M-FLUSH 350 ml — NEW

Washing of oil system of the engine

  • the optimized structure;
  • the increased preparation volume;
  • new, more convenient and reliable aluminum bottle;
  • the improved marking of a bottle.

"Spitsyalista" say that engines do not need washing because engine oil already contains the washing additives.

In article " From where in the engine dirt??? ", you can obtain more detailed information on the matter, and here I will only note the most important that it is useful for you and it is important to know:

  • the most part of pollution of the engine is made by engine oil;
  • engine oils contain rather small amounts of the washing additives sufficient for neutralization only of small amounts of "motor dirt";
  • if after replacement engine oil at once, or for the first several hundreds of kilometers, considerably darkened — the amount of the dirt which is saved up in the engine significantly means exceeds the washing abilities of engine oil. It belongs both to petrol, and to diesel engines — on the pure engine oil slightly darkens for the first 1,000 km and even more.

Also say that washings are dangerous to the engine — it can be the truth in case of application of washings on the basis of solvents or aggressive chemical preparations.

Xenum M-FLUSH is absolutely safe, at the same time is most effective!

Xenum M-FLUSH is specialized, very effective and absolutely safe structure on the basis of thermostable basic oil and high concentration of the most modern washing and dispersing additives.

  • Xenum M-FLUSH does not contain aggressive chemicals and/or solvents and therefore it is absolutely safe for the engine and all its epiploons and laying.
  • Xenum M-FLUSH cleans lubricant system of the engine, system of variable raising of valves (VVT-i, VANOS …) and piston rings, releases hydraulic pushers of valves ("gidrika").
  • Prevents pollution of new oil the remains of old.
  • Deactivates case acids.
  • Prolongs life of new oil, improves operation of the engine, reduces oil consumption, reduces noise of the engine.

Scopes: for all petrol and diesel engines.

Instruction for application: the bottle of 350 ml of washing is sufficient for 3-6 l of engine oil.

  1. Fill in M-FLUSH in the engine, in old engine oil before its discharge.
  2. Start the engine and leave it to idle 20-30 minutes, and 1 hour is better.
  3. Kill the engine and merge old oil, it still warm so far.
  4. Replace an oil filter.
  5. Fill in new engine oil in the engine.

Except such express application we recommend to use M-FLUSH of 350 ml as "long-playing" washing — the preparation is filled in in the lubrication system approximately for 200 km before oil replacement (or in 3-4 days when driving only in a city cycle).

At such "long-playing" way even the most difficult pollution, for example in a zone of piston oil scraper rings are most effectively washed, at the same time no additional risk for the engine is created.

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Cleaner of the M-FLUSH engine of 350 ml
Cleaner of the M-FLUSH engine of 350 ml
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