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Buy Cardboard for protection of floor, painting cardboard
Cardboard for protection of floor, painting cardboard

Cardboard for protection of floor, painting cardboard

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Technical characteristics
  • Country of manufactureLithuania
  • Special featureMoisture absorbing

Cardboard for protection of a floor, walls. Painting cardboard.

Sometimes there is a need to execute repair in rooms in which a floor is already made of expensive materials. At the same time it needs to be protected as much as possible completely to exclude a possibility of damage. There is a way of such shelter of floors checked by time.

As a rule, it is necessary to consider two factors which can spoil expensive surfaces. It is construction dust and large materials. During any works there is a garbage which is carried on all rooms.

For protection against dust the best means is the dense industrial film. Having calculated floor area, it is necessary to get it  twice more. At the same time it is necessary to consider also types of the carried-out construction works. For example, if in process water is necessary, then you should carry constantly it from a bathroom, that is to pass along the corridor which will be soiled and it should be protected also.

Having spread a film, it is possible to consider the first stage finished. But such protection does not guarantee absence of damage against the falling objects. A film in itself quite thin therefore even just passing on it it it is easily possible to tear. Therefore it is the one floor best to lay a cardboard which creates the main protective layer, and over it it is possible to lay a film, but it is not obligatory any more. After that it is possible not to worry about safety of floors.

Using a film, we are protected from dust, and the cardboard prevents mechanical damages. Considering that these materials have quite low price, we simple and cheap means keep expensive floors.

What material it is better to apply.

 Many can tell that the cardboard can and  be not bought, using various packings from old purchases. Of course, such option is possible, but it has one negative feature. The different size of a packing cardboard creates additional difficulties. Considering the cost of floors, it will be much more correct to spend insignificant means for their preservation.

The cardboard can be used not only as the shelter for floors. In the course of performance of construction works constantly there are zones which demand protection. For example, having put a tile on walls, it is desirable to cover it from hit of solution and other polluting factors. The cardboard in this case will be the best option.

It should be noted also other positive line of such decision. Having finished repair work, it can be rolled in a dense roll and, if necessary, to reuse.


The protective cardboard for a floor is intended for protection of floors, walls, ladders, passes, window sills, windows and furniture during repair. Quickly is established, easily cleans up.


Cardboard parameters

Protective cardboard for a floor 125

Protective cardboard for a floor 220

Protective cardboard for a floor 333

The protective laminated cardboard for a floor 270

Density, g/m2

125 ± 10%

220 ± 10%

333 ± 10%

270 ± 10% (260 – paper; 10 – RE film)

Width, cm





Thickness, mm





Quantity in a roll, sq.m





Country producer





The price for a roll

110 UAH

140 UAH

140 UAH

220 UAH


Advantages of use of a cardboard:
1. The big weight of a cardboard, than film that provides a dense prileganiye of a cardboard to a floor and as a result convenience of movement of step-ladders and the construction woods.
2. The high density of a cardboard – protects floors from mechanical damages and allows to carry out cleaning of the accumulated garbage by the vacuum cleaner or a brush throughout all repair.
3. Hygroscopicity – absorbs moisture, excludes formation of condensate after laying of wooden floor coverings.
4. Packing in the form of a roll – guarantees convenience in storage, transportation and work with material

Other scopes of such cardboard:

  • for cutting of curves in sewing and other areas
  • applying the laminated cardboard to a waterproofing of various surfaces, a naprmer laying on a surface a pallet, etc.
  • production of waterproofing packing from the laminated cardboard
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Cardboard for protection of floor, painting cardboard
Cardboard for protection of floor, painting cardboard
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