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Technical characteristics
  • BrandКазанецкий Анатолий ИП
  • Country of manufactureMoldova
  • Type of filling floorPolymeric
What is a bulk floor?
Externally bulk floor is very similar to linoleum, and to the touch reminds a smooth tile: monolithic, equal, without seams and gaps. He is different flowers, among shades prevail neutral quiet tone - lime, gray, beige, light brown. The optimum thickness of a covering recommended by experts for premises - 1,5 mm, but at desire it is possible to increase this indicator to 7 mm.
There are several types of floor coverings which are called bulk or industrial: cement and acrylic (prepare from dry construction mix and a so-called "liquid component"), epoxy (from epoxies), metilmetakrilatny (from metilmetakrilovy pitches) and on the basis of polymeric compositions. Let's dwell upon the last.
Characteristics and scope of application
Polymeric floors are modern and hi-tech type of a floor covering. They allow to receive the operational properties unattainable at use of traditional construction materials - concrete, asphalt, a ceramic tile, linoleum.
Wide range of various properties and variety of options of a polymeric covering allow to execute a bulk floor practically with any set characteristics and operational properties.
Bulk polymeric floors allow to give to a floor decorative character, to provide a full bespylnost and a waterproofing. They possess resistance to abrasive wear and high mechanical loadings, anti-static character, chemical firmness and a gigiyenichnost. And the bespylnost of polymeric floors is one of the main reasons of their successful use on objects of the food, pharmaceutical and electronic industry.
Besides, polymeric coverings are distinguished by easy cleaning and simplicity of repair, low cost of operation and durability (service life of polymeric floors - over 15 years). Depending on service conditions glossy or opaque coverings with any invoices of a surface can be made. Thanks to universal qualities bulk polymeric coverings are applied at the device of floors at the enterprises of all industries, in supermarkets, offices, car services, warehouse and premises (kitchens, bathrooms, dachas, the glazed loggias; or, for example, it is possible "to pour" such floors in garage and a workshop.)
There are thin layer polymeric floors (covering 250 thickness - 300 microns) which are ideally suited for industrial floors with average mechanical loadings, for prevention of dusting of a concrete floor, protection of concrete and cement floors against hostile chemical environment, and also for giving to floors of decorative appearance, and thick-layer coverings (thickness of a covering of 3-4 mm) which have higher durability and firmness that is reached due to addition of a fractional quartz filler. Such polymeric floors are recommended for the rooms subject to the highest mechanical and shock loadings, and also for obtaining high resistance for abrasive attrition.
Bulk floors are carried out in any color scheme. Besides, producers thought up additional and very original decorative special effects - "chips" (color parts from pieces of acrylic paint of a different form and the sizes) or grains of coffee, the newspaper, a cockleshell and other trifles are applied on a fresh covering. High esthetics of a covering, its originality and uniqueness are so provided.
Technical requirements
The following requirements are imposed to the concrete basis of a floor under a bulk polymeric covering.
The concrete basis has to conform to requirements Construction Norms and Regulations with an obligatory waterproofing from ground waters.
The top concrete coupler of a floor has to have durability on compression not less than 25 MPas, thickness - not less than 60 mm. The surface of concrete has to be equal, without cracks, sinks, hollows and flows.
Difference of level of a surface of a floor should not exceed 2 mm on length of 2 m.
On a surface of a floor there should not be a cement film, fatty and other pollution.
The surface of a floor has to be dry. Humidity at a depth up to 20 mm should not exceed 6%.
Presence at concrete of limy materials is not allowed.
The device of the concrete basis of a floor has to be complete not later than 28 days prior to works on the device of a polymeric covering.
Floor surface temperature on object should not fall lower than +15 ° C, and relative humidity of air has to be not higher than 75%.
By the beginning of work on the device of a polymeric bulk covering the object has to be exempted from the encumbering equipment and is closed for penetration of strangers for the period of these works, and also in the period of endurance (polymerization) of a covering (within 7 days after its filling before signing of the act of acceptance).
The device of polymeric bulk floors is made after the termination of all welding, assembly and all types of finishing works in this room.
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Bulk floor
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