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Bracelet - a repellent from insects of MINI "Kysh Komar! buy in Edinets
Buy Bracelet - a repellent from insects of MINI "Kysh Komar!
Bracelet - a repellent from insects of MINI "Kysh Komar!

Bracelet - a repellent from insects of MINI "Kysh Komar!

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Bracelet - a repellent from insects of MINI "Kysh Komar!"

The bracelet repellent will reliably protect you from mosquitoes and midges. Now you have an opportunity to quietly play sports, to walk in the wood, to bathe in the small river and even to sleep with open windows! The bracelet repellent is made of food silicone. The capsule of a bracelet contains natural tsitronellovy oil which frightens off insects. The bracelet is ideally suited for application during jogs, campaigns, fishing, picnics, hunting in the open air and so forth. The bracelet repellent can be carried on a wrist and an ankle.

Bracelet "Kysh Komar!" is a modern means for protection against mosquitoes which frightens off insects within 500 hours after the beginning of use. Bracelet "Kysh Komar!" differs from other means for protection against mosquitoes in the fact that:
  • The natural vegetable repellent contains 100%
  • Does not contain DETA and other toxic insecticides
  • It is made of hypoallergenic waterproof food silicone

Because of the advantages, bracelet "Kysh Komar!" is ideally suited for people with hyper sensitive skin, hyper sensitive sense of smell and at people in whom chemical means of protection from insects I cause an allergy.

Bracelet "Kysh Komar!" provides reliable protection both indoors, and in the open air. Therefore having put on a bracelet "Kysh Komar!" on a wrist or an ankle, you will be able:

  • To enjoy active recreation in the wood and near reservoirs
  • To sleep peacefully with open windows without mosquito grids
  • To walk till late evening without being afraid to be bitten by mosquitoes

Silicone bracelet "Kysh Komar!" consists of a thong and a special capsule which is filled with tsitronellovy oil. Essential oil of a tsitronella is one of the most powerful natural repellents - providing long protection against stings of insects.

The protective effect is reached because the smell of tsitronellovy oil not to be pleasant to insects, frightens off them, and does not allow them to sit down on skin. The more intensively a smell of tsitronellovy oil, the more distance between a source of a smell and insects.

At tsitronellovy oil the pleasant smell and aroma therefore it effectively frightens off insects, but does not cause unpleasant feelings in the person, and people very sensitive to smells and aromas can use it.

For adjustment of intensity of a smell of tsitronellovy oil, on a capsule there are 5 openings. To hold mosquitoes at the maximum distance, it is necessary to open all 5 openings of a capsule.

Intensity of a smell of tsitronellovy oil depends on ambient temperature. Therefore in cool weather it is recommended to open all 5 openings of a capsule, and in hot day, it is possible to leave several openings of a capsule closed.

Bracelet for protection against mosquitoes "Kysh Komar!" it is possible to use repeatedly, both to adults, and children. In order that tsitronellovy oil kept the properties as long as possible, in breaks between use of a bracelet it needs to be stored in original, tight packing which does not allow oil to evaporate.

Bracelet "Kysh Komar!" will not take a lot of place. Therefore it is possible not only to take it with itself in campaigns, on picnics, fishing, the beach or evening walk, but also to carry every day with itself in a bag not to give any chance to mosquitoes to spoil unplanned rest.

If you want to protect yourself and the relatives from insects without use of chemical repellents, you can find natural means for protection against insects "Kysh Komar!" in the children's shops and drugstores located in all regions of the Republic of Moldova.

For obtaining information on what shops and drugstores sell bracelets from mosquitoes "Kysh Komar!" around your accommodation, contact please employees of a support service and ask them all questions interesting you.

Prevention Only for external application! Not to swallow! Before application it is attentive to read the instruction! In case of allergic reaction, immediately to stop use! In case of hit of tsitronellovy oil in a mouth or eyes, it is necessary to wash out carefully them water.
Producer: LLC Krasota i Zdorovye
Country: Ukraine
Structure: Tsitronellovy oil, silicone.
Recommendations to application
Method of application: 1. To open packing and to get a bracelet from a package. 2. To puncture in a capsule one or several openings depending on desirable concentration of a smell.
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Bracelet - a repellent from insects of MINI "Kysh Komar!
Bracelet - a repellent from insects of MINI "Kysh Komar!
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