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In the European fruit growing blackberry has no industrial value, but in America it is parted on extensive squares as market berry. American grades: undersized — "Crystal white" (with white berries), "Golden Cap" (with dark yellow berries), "Seneca black" and "Garden black" (with black berries, as at the most part of grades of blackberry); some of them ("Philadelphia", "Kirtland", "Arnolds hybride", etc.) are a hybrid with raspberry, the best grade — "Lawton" ("New Rochelle") can be recommended for cultivation and in the south of Russia.

Hybrids with raspberry and with blackberry gray are widespread in industrial cultivation; in North America the most widespread and bought is Marion's (en:Marionberry) berry, to a lesser extent - a loganova berry, a boyzenova berry, etc.

Blackberry the seeds (sowed in the fall), shanks, root offsprings (not plentiful) and layers, mainly on the argillo-calcareous deep soil not rich with humus, in the solar, protected place gets divorced; leaving measures — thinning and cutting of lashes, and also a timely garter.

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