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Biorevitalization - injection introduction of the hyaluronic acid received in the special biotechnology way. The direction is based on ability of hyaluronic acid to interact with receptors of cages and to start fabric regeneration process. For injections the crossed or cross sewed hyaluronic acid is used, she is late in skin and does not resolve as quickly as it happens to the hyaluronic acid used in mesotherapeutic cocktails.

Hyaluronic acid is a fine natural humidifier and a natural component of our skin which is responsible for its elasticity. With age the amount of hyaluronic acid in an organism decreases because of what our skin loses moisture, elasticity, becomes dim, wrinkles appear.

Procedure can be carried out on any site of skin demanding moistening, most often on a face, necks, a decollete and skin of hands.

The method of biorevitalization is shown to all patients at whom turgor of skin for one reason or another decreases. The reasons can be the most different. It can be both natural aging, and injury of skin of UF by beams that often happens at abuse of suntan, and fast, uncontrolled loss of weight, and the postponed diseases, stresses. The method has well proved in the rehabilitation period after aggressive procedures (peelings, polishings). With the preventive purpose biorevitalization is shown in 2 weeks prior to a trip to tropical countries where active insolation and in 10-14 days after return.

Contraindications to biorevitalization procedure:

- inflammatory process in a zone of expected injections

- autoimmune diseases

- pregnant women, the feeding women

- reception of anticoagulants (the preparations liquefying blood)

- tendency to formation of keloidny hems.

- hypersensitivity to hyaluronic acid

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