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Balancing of automobile wheels order in Chişinău
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Balancing of automobile wheels

Balancing of automobile wheels

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Balancing of automobile wheels

Not balanced wheel, at the movement causes the increased vibration of the vehicle that leads as to decrease in comfort (jolting, noise), and to wear of a steering and elements of a suspension bracket of a wheel, increasing wear of the tire.

Balancing of a wheel on the balancing machine:

The wheel is established on the balancing machine on which it is untwisted, and on the screen of the monitor is shown on what place at the left and on the right it is necessary to establish balance weights of a certain weight.

Balance weights happen two types:

  1. with an arm (by means of which they fasten to edge of a disk)
  2. freights self-adhesive (for fastening on an internal surface of a disk)

The main mistakes when balancing disks:

  1. Balancing of strongly polluted disk or the tire at which the dirt weight (which can fall off or be washed away subsequently), influences balance of a wheel. Moreover, if freights on a sticky basis on badly cleared disk surface were established, then they with a high probability will fly away at the movement.
  2. Forgot to remove old balance weights, having established new.
  3. Did not "put" normally the tire on a disk. I.e. at installation badly greased a tire board with special solution (or did not grease at all) and she under air pressure force from within did not "sit down" on the place on a disk. It is one of the most widespread mistakes of tire fitters when they assure that the tire bad and is not balanced. Outside of a wheel it not always happens it is visible, but, as a rule, the problem is solved by temporary increase in pressure in the tire.

If the weight of freights is too considerable (for the car more than 70 grams), then it makes sense to besiege back the tire on a disk and to turn it concerning a disk. Often this way helps to lose the weight of freights considerably.

Some producers of tires tag on a tire color (paint) on the easiest place of the tire. At installation it is necessary to razmeshchit this tag at the nipple to use less small weights (in more detail about a color makrirovka of tires, in the heading "marking of tires".

Attention! After in a tire workshop to you made balancing of wheels, pay attention as balance weights are established. They at any cases should not stand far from each other on one party of a disk. It is an appreciable error of balancing. All weight of small weights has to be concentrated in one place from each party.

And be also convinced that small weights do not cling to brake mechanisms or details of a suspension bracket.

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Balancing of automobile wheels
Balancing of automobile wheels
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