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Technical characteristics
  • BrandВАТИ
  • Country of manufactureRussia

Asboshnur is applied to thermal insulation of pipelines of different function, consolidation of knots of heatunits, in heat-conducting systems, at the car - raketo-and aircraft industry, in the construction sphere. Also quite often this product is demanded in municipal branch.

As the main material for production of a cord asbestine serves asbestos, as auxiliary cotton or other chemical fibers act. The most important characteristics of a product are its fire resistance and high temperatures. Its operation is allowed at t� <400�C.

Cord asbestine ShAON

Qualitative characteristics

As it is clear from the name, as a part of this production asbestos, more precisely, its chrysolitic modification which possesses high heat-resistant qualities contains. Presence of this material at a product allocates it as well with other properties: flexibility, durability and alkali resistance, at the same time it is absolutely harmless to health. Still it is appreciated sealing ability and resistance to vibrations. Cords asbestine general purpose of ShAON (asboshnura) represent the products made by way of a wreathing of the core (rove from asbestos) a yarn from asbestos. Asboshnura as the heat-resistant, heat-insulating and condensing material in motionless details of cars, devices and pipelines at a temperature of surfaces are used to 400�С.Выдерживает severe operational conditions: high temperature (to +400 �C) and pressure (to 0,1mpa), effect of substances: waters, gas and steam. If the cord is not used, then it needs to be placed in the closed spaces. It is possible to store within a decade from the date of production.

Products with marking of ShAON are suitable for the general use, as a rule, as the condensing and heat-insulating material in municipal systems. It is made with the core from the asbestine rove or twisted threads twisted outside asbovolokny or a yarn. Is issued in various diameters: from 0.7 mm to 35 mm. Enjoys the greatest popularity at installation of heat-conducting systems. In particular, for thermal insulation and essential consolidation of knots in the conditions of the increased temperature. The product does not lose the qualitative properties at t� + 400�C and pressure to 0,1 MPas. As for scope of a down cord, it is demanded in the same environment — water, gas, steam. As the main qualities which caused broad application of an asboshnur serve the thermal stability, flexibility, resistance to vibration influence. Now it is widespread many delusions concerning asbestos and asbosoderzhashchy products, including, an asbestine cord of ShAON. The reason - that in the world there are two groups of asbestos, one of which, amfibolovy asbestos, is forbidden to use, and the second - hrizotilovy asbestos, is safe for the person and is allowed for production and application in civil and administrative engineering. Hrizotit safety asbestos it is confirmed with World Health Organization (research of 1989, Oxford) according to which production from hrizotit asbestos, including, asboshnur ShAON, is not harmful and does not bear any dangers to a human body.

According to researches, carried out by three toxicological organizations in the European Union, and also the USA, it was established that asbestos hrizotit (and the asbestine cord of general purpose made on its basis) is safer material, than cellulose connections, aramide fiber and the combined ceramic alloys.

The main reason forcing an obstanvka around asbestos - hrizotit a political lobby since in Europe there are practically no own deposits asbestos, for this reason many years in Europe the amfibolovy asbestos dangerous to the person was used. After its ban considerable investments were made in proizodstvo of substitutes of amfibolovy asbestos. Hrizotit the main stocks asbestos are in the territory of the former Soviet Union, including, Kazakhstan. After falling of "Iron Curtain" to Europe safe rushed hrizotit asbestos from the Sovetsvky union that caused more discontent and danger of bankruptcy of many European enterprises. Mass information war against all asbestos, without analysis of asbestos on harmful amfibolovy and safe hrizotilovy asbestos became the answer.

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