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Antismoking program Clean air

Antismoking program Clean air

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Moldova, Chişinău
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Get rid of an addiction for one session! A more precisely - in 45 minutes! The Epicenter Impuls company represents the effective technique proved by five years' practice of its use in the USA known as laser reflexotherapy, presented taking into account the last western developments. You will not just get rid of an addiction, you erase all feelings connected with smoking and a cigarette from memory.

It is favorable to leave off smoking!
To save up to 6 thousand pour in a year, to 50 thousand in 10 years! Instead of the expenditure directed to destruction of health, a favorable investment in its restoration! 96% which addressed get rid of dependence after the first session, other 4% - from the second.

The technique is created on a joint of the latest laser technologies and most ancient traditions of east medicine known as acupuncture, taking into account modern western (French) modifications in the sphere of aurikulyarny developments.

Influencing certain points, it is possible to stimulate a brain to emission of endorphins. This chemical compound, naturally I develop - shcheesya in a brain, influences an emotional state.

It is called sometimes "natural drug" or "happiness hormone".

The love, creativity, glory, the power - any experience connected with these categories of human existence increases endorphin level in blood. Nicotine, getting into a brain, in only 6 seconds (twice quicker than heroin), fills the place of endorphins in receptors. The smoker's brain begins to reject endorphin over time, becoming dependent on nicotine.

antismoking program helps return into place. As not all points connected with formation of "happiness hormone" are available at a usual akupunktrua, to stimulation certain including the points of a meridian, ultraboundary for traditional needle, concerning tendency to smoking the laser is used, and at the same time, by means of the probe, the biomagnetic signal is transmitted. Nicotine is replaced with natural endorphins and ceases to play their role. The person without any unpleasant feelings and efforts over himself, literally in 45 minutes, gets rid of long-term dependence.

Smoking - the difficult habit caused both physiologically, and mentally. The reason of developing of nicotine addiction, according to narcologists, - a strong physical and psychological inclination. Hard to determine thirst for a cigarette begins with psychological dependence, over time developing into physical. Therefore an indispensable condition of efficiency of fight against smoking - awareness of the dependence by the patient and desire to leave off smoking.
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Antismoking program Clean air
Antismoking program Clean air
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