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Anti-condensate films are the second level of protection of the front and roofing WARMED designs AGAINST PENETRATION of MOISTURE AND WIND.
Anti-condensate film - roofing vetro-water-proofing with the lower absorbing surface. It is applied in the warmed penthouses with metal roofs, the most vulnerable to influence of internal condensate and formation of frost during the spring and winter period (a metal tile, the pro-thinned-out sheets, faltsevy roofs). It is wrong to consider that designs, a covering front plates, plaster, a siding, a board, a brick, roofing materials - are impenetrable for water.
Water gets through them under the influence of the wind pressure, gravity and capillary absorption.
In a roof design the film carries out several functions:
  • Protects thermal insulation and internal elements of a roof from an atmospheric precipitation, wind and dust getting outside through thinnesses and defects of a roofing covering and also from subroofing condensate.
  • During the spring and winter period the film takes away the thermal stream coming from the heated rooms from a metal covering. Thanks to such thermal barrier and natural ventilation in the top contour the minimum difference of temperatures from above and from below from a roofing covering is provided and the risk of formation of icicles and frost during the spring and winter period decreases. During the summer period the top ventilating gap serves for removal of surplus of heat from subroofing space.
  • The absorbing surface of a film holds the condensate which is formed on the lower party of material during the cold period of year and interferes with its running off on a heater. Condensate results from penetration into subroofing space of warm damp air from the heated rooms through thinnesses and cracks in a parobaryer. Moisture in the form of drops and frost is kept by an anti-condensate surface before cancellation of factors of a kondensatoobrazovaniye. Then condensate evaporates and removed through the lower ventzazor due to natural convection of air. This mechanism not only interferes with moistening of a heater, but significantly reduces amount of the condensate which is dropping out on inside of a roofing covering.

The anti-condensate film is applied also as vapor barrier of the protecting designs in the heated buildings of incidental use and as vetro-water-proofing of a garret in not warmed roofs.

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Anti-condensate film
Anti-condensate film
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