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AMINO ST 2300 180TAB amino acids buy in Chişinău
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AMINO ST 2300 180TAB amino acids

AMINO ST 2300 180TAB amino acids

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Amino 2300 consists of 100% pure (without fatty deposits) the crystal amino acids of a pharmaceutical class received from lactoalbumin. Each tablet delivers 2300 mg of L-shaped amino acids which can instantly be absorbed in a blood-groove for assistance to maintenance of positive nitric balance, to the bigger anabolic growth of muscle bulk and decrease in fatty body weight.

Eight irreplaceable amino acids are a part of lactoalbumin and therefore it is called "the most perfect protein".

Amino 2300 represents a perfect source of amino acids for each body builder wishing to reach pure muscle bulk without fatty deposits.

Amino ST 2300 is 100% the pure, crystal, pharmaceutical graduated amino acids received from lactoalbumin. Each tablet offers 2300 mg of amino acids in a shape which will keep positive balance of nitrogen, will strengthen muscle growth and will help to reduce hypodermic fatty cellulose.

In a human body of amino acid play a role of construction material for skeletal muscles and heart. Isseledovaniya is shown that food with the limited content of amino acids and BCAA leads to destruction of muscular tissue as the organism uses nutrients of muscles, first of all nitrogen. BCAA, except other, improve transportation of fatty acids in a cage for formation of energy, stimulate work of a hypophysis which produces growth hormone, provide an organism with nitrogen.

Amount of nutrients in one tablet:
* Izoletsin - 130 mg
* the Leucine - 251 mg
* Valin - 119 mg
* Methionine - 88 mg
* the Lysine - 222 mg
* Phenylalanine - 88 mg
* Treonin - 117 mg
* Tryptophane - 30 mg
* the Histidine - 38 mg
* Alanin - 139 mg
* Asparaginovaya acid - 226 mg
* Cystine - 71 mg
* Glycine - 42 mg
* Glyutaminovaya acid - 374 mg
* Arginin - 72 mg
* Proline - 103 mg
* Serin - 92 mg
* Tirozin - 98 mg

Ingredients: 100% pure, crystal, pharmaceutical quality of amino acid from lactoalbumin, calcium sulfate, magnesium stearate, stearin acid.

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AMINO ST 2300 180TAB amino acids
AMINO ST 2300 180TAB amino acids
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