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Aluminum - chemical element III of group of periodic Mendeleev's system (atomic number 13, atomic mass 26,98154). In the majority of connections aluminum trekhvalenten, but at high temperatures it is capable to show also oxidation level +1. From compounds of this metal the most important - Al2O3 oxide. Aluminum - the silvery-white metal light (density of 2,7 g/cm3), the plastic, good conductor of electricity and heat, temperature of melting of 660 oC. It is easily extended in a wire and rolled in thin sheets. Aluminum is chemically active (on air becomes covered by a protective oxidic film - aluminum oxide. Oxide of aluminum (Al2O3) reliably protects metal from further oxidation. But if it is strong to heat powder of aluminum or aluminum foil, then metal burns down a dazzling flame, turning into aluminum oxide. Aluminum is dissolved even in the diluted hydrochloric and sulfuric acids, especially when heating. And here in strongly diluted and concentrated cold nitric acid aluminum is not dissolved.
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Aluminum, Chisina
Aluminum, Chisina
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