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  • BrandLignohumate®

Лигногумат® - highly effective and technological (ballastless) humic fertilizer with minerals in a helatny form with properties of a growth factor and antistressant. Лигногумат® possesses a broad spectrum of activity on plants. Its properties are shown on all main crops.

Application of Lignogumata® is directed on:

· increase in productivity of crops (depending on culture and an agrotechnology for 10-25%);

· improvement of quality of agricultural production (a gluten at wheat on average for 2-2,5%, sugar content at sugar beet, vitamin C in vegetables, sugar in grapes and fruit crops);

· strengthening of immunity at plants;

· increase morozo-and drought resistances of plants, generally due to strengthening of root system of plants;

· increase in efficiency of processings of seed material together with protravitel (field viability of seeds increases, suppression of pathogens amplifies, immunity of plants increases);

· removal of a stress at extra root processings by pesticides and their complex tank mixes (stimulates growth and development of plants, reduces stress at complex processings, stimulates photosynthesis process)

· increase in efficiency of use of mineral fertilizers (the efficiency of nitrogen and phosphorus plants increases, decrease in norms of introduction by 20-30% is possible)

Distinctive features of Lignogumata®:

  1. Full solubility, therefore, when spraying does not occur "cloggings" of nozzles. It is applied in systems of drop watering;
  2. Raw materials - lignosulfonat (a wood processing product);
  3. Constancy of composition of medicine;
  4. High concentration of active ingredient (90%);
  5. Besides humic acids (80-85%) fulvovy acids (15-20%) are a part of medicine also.

From scientific research it is known that fulvovy acids are more biologically active (the stimulating effect both on plants, and on soil microflora in comparison with humic acids is more brightly expressed).

6. Thanks to more active compound of fulvovy acids and minerals there is an accelerated their absorption and assimilation by vegetable organisms;

7. High content (more than 3%) are gray in an organic connected form.

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