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Эмаль антикорозийная,  текстурная  GRAFITE купить в Кишиневе
Купить Эмаль антикорозийная, текстурная GRAFITE
Эмаль антикорозийная, текстурная GRAFITE

Эмаль антикорозийная, текстурная GRAFITE

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  • Основа эмалиАнтикоррозионная

Anti - corrosion, quick - drying, decorative texture enamel with metal crystals directly on rust with the addition of a mixture of anti - corrosion pigment. For interior and exterior works, for painting all kinds of metal surfaces (doors, fences, etc. ), for painting roofs, cars, iron gratings, as well as for painting and protecting against corrosion of steel structures, garden furniture and accessories, agricultural tools and equipment, water pipes, etc.

GRAFITE - 3 in 1 enamel imitating the color of silver, gold, copper. bronze, metallic, mother - of - pearl, etc.

Application: applied to metal surfaces, immediately over rust. For interior and exterior use.

Surface preparation: the surface must be cleaned of dirt, dust, grease, moisture. Painted surfaces must be sanded. The paint is thinned with a synthetic or cellulose thinner. Mix well before application. Enamel apply 2 - 3 layers with a brush or spray.

Drying between coats 30 min.

Full drying 1 - 2 hours.

Consumption: 1l/10 - 15m"

Storage: in tightly closed original container

Safety Instructions: FLAMMABLE. Avoid contact with eyes and skin surface.

Packing: 0, 75l; 2.5L

Made in Turkey.


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Эмаль антикорозийная, текстурная GRAFITE
Эмаль антикорозийная,  текстурная  GRAFITE
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