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Dried Berries and Fruits

Dried Berries and Fruits

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Starting with the foundation date in 2000, GORDIN® constantly introduces in the process of production high technologies for the purpose of achievement of the highest quality of dried products.

We actively promote the line of fruits processing. Currently in Moldova GORDIN has established a series of turnkey production subdivisions that process their own raw materials using our technology and equipment. We actively participate at inland and international exhibitions and we have diplomas and awards for innovations and quality of products.

GORDIN is the developer and the holder of the standards, specifications and registered in Moldova Standard normative-technical documentation for producing dry products using its own technology, the holder of a series of all-Union State Standards. All dried production of Gordin® is made on the advanced technology with application of electric energy and infra-red beams, with observance of conditions of strict hygiene and the control at all production phases, according to requirements of international standards

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Dried Berries and Fruits
Dried Berries and Fruits
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