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Client Relation Management

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When we speak of Customer Relationship Management, we mean a broad strategy for managing the company's sales and relationships with customers. It involves using technology to organize, automate and synchronize business processes, in particular the activities of sales, customer service or technical support. In large part, the objectives are to find or attract new customers, retain existing ones and educate customers or recover previously lost customers.

CRM (by eConsulting) brings together all the techniques used to achieve a relationship with your customers and is responsible for:

  • Development of customer contracts;
  • Keeping existing customers;
  • Development of new prospects;
  • Generating of new sales.

If you have CRM (by eConsulting) you can continually monitor very simple and useful the development of your products sold to customers, product quotations, purchase orders, contract management, creating reports on customers, creating marketing campaigns, customer statistics, e-mail management.

Thus eConsulting through CRM solution offers:

  • To learn more about the market;
  • To better organize;
  • Understand, anticipate and manage customer needs.

CRM (by eConsulting) improves the way a company communicates with its customers, and sales managers' results are more easily measured and optimized.

CRM solution (by eConsulting) provides the tools and features necessary to create and maintain a clear picture of customers, from first contact. All documents, tax documents, observations and interactions with a client are stored in the system, this way, they can be found in the system unit, by all employees that have this right.

CRM system offers user-friendly features to optimize how sales and marketing department, will attract new customers, manage marketing campaigns, manage sales activities. In this way, the CRM system (by eConsulting) will help employees make better decisions and get a clearer view on customers.

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Client Relation Management
Client Relation Management
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