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Черешня сушеная-dried cherries

Черешня сушеная-dried cherries

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Gordin® : Company profile

Company GORDIN® stands for uncompromising quality of dried fruits and vegetables dried on dehydrated on electrical energy and has always been remarkable for its impeccable quality. Starting with the foundation date in 2000, GORDIN® constantly introduces in the process of production high technologies for the purpose of achievement of the highest quality of dried products. We are leaders in the market of Moldova, thanks to high quality and assortment of the dried product. The dried product is 100% a natural product dried up on installations with application of Infra Red-radiation, based on our own technology.

Our product does not contain extraneous impurity and smells, based on the ecologically clean technology based of electric energy. Gordin® dried fruits have initially been created as components of a healthy diet, with fully natural, balanced and safe products. Dried fruits are rich in easily assimilable microcells, carbohydrates, antioxidants, pectinaceous substances, and many other specific nutriotion elements. Products do not contain added sugar. Modern dieticians strongly recommend the use of dried fruits daily which are the natural biological additive: improve digestion and metabolism, raise comprehensibility of fibers and mineral salts, promote the excretion of cholesterol from organism, promote active work of intestines, are irreplaceable at a diabetes and fatness … Dried fruits contain numerous nutrients among which: fructose, sucrose, organic acids, proteins, carbohydrates, pectinaceous, aromatic and tannins, microcells, mineral salts, the vitamins and others.
Retail package in 3 product-lines of dried fruit :

unique collection of natural delicacies of dried fruit, being preared as desserts ready for consumpton.

2. FITNESS COCKTAIL® - Melanges of dried fruit consisting from 3, 4 and 8 positions of different dried fruits. The given series is made and positioned as a product for preparation of hot or soft drinks (kompots) - for restaurants, cafeterias, dining rooms or in house conditions

3. FITNESS EXTRA® - Separate positions of dried fruit: clear apples and pears, stoned plums and aronya blackberry, packaging - 200, 400 and 500 gr. Positioning - for the various culinary purposes.
Note: These product lines are developed by our company specifically for our market demands, based on geographical relevance. The products can be arranged and assorted as the customer indicates, including package weight and inscriptions.
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Черешня сушеная-dried cherries
Черешня сушеная-dried cherries
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